Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas said in an interview with Fox News on June 8, that to impose serious punishments on the CCP for unleashing a pandemic on the world, one of the measures that could be taken is to take away the ‘most favored nation’ status with which China can sell more of its goods as long as there is demand freely.

Senator Cotton was one of the first to sound the alarm in February 2020 that the CCP Virus had not originated in the seafood market, which did not even sell bats, but that all the evidence pointed to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where experimentation with the highly contagious coronaviruses had been going on for years.

“That new report from the Lawrence Livermore Lab just confirms what I’ve been saying from the very beginning, just use your common sense. This virus emerged in a city larger than New York, just a few blocks down the road from the lab where they research these viruses. Every bit of evidence we have points to those labs,” Cotton said.

What the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory report says

The report that was released in May 2020 claims that the CCP Virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and despite being released so early last year, lawmakers claim they were not informed of its existence until recently.

The report was produced by the lab’s ‘Z division’ made up of a unit of intelligence agents and is considered classified a ‘top secret’ so the media have not had access to its contents.

China must be isolated to hold the CCP accountable

For the senator “China’s chances of ever conceding that they’re responsible for this virus is zero,” so “it’s past time to hold China accountable for their negligence and their deceitfulness in unleashing this plague on the world.”

Among the Republican’s proposals is to “revoke their permanent most-favored-nation status,” a clause under which China can trade at will and allows it to obtain more efficient results, as lower-cost producers can export goods to areas with higher demand without government intervention.

“We could team up with our allies and take back the very favorable financing terms they get from international financial institutions like the World Bank. We could take away visas from Chinese Communist Party members and their kids so they can’t send their kids to American schools anymore. There’s no end to the things we can do to make China pay for unleashing this plague and we should start right now.”

How and when to start implementing CCP ‘punishments’

Next week Joe Biden will be touring Europe and meeting with many U.S. allies.

While the European Union signed one of the most comprehensive trade deals with the CCP, making it its largest trading partner, according to the senator relations with the Chinese regime are not at their best and that scenario would be a good place to start looking for support against the CCP.

“Europe is starting to get tired of China as well. You know they signed a trade deal with China at the end of last year, but they stopped the implementation of it, in part because of China’s gross human rights abuses against its own people,” Cotton said.

“So, this really is the right time to bring our allies along with us and isolate China and impose real consequences on them for unleashing this plague on the world,” he added.

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