Hundreds of suspects, including rapists, gang members, and killers, have been detained and identified by U.S. border patrol agents as a large influx of refugees flows through the United States’ southern border.

In a tweet, Brian Hastings, who manages Border Patrol operations in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, said his department had detained  861 illegal immigrants in recent months who were later found to be criminal offenders, including 92 sex offenders and 63 gang members.

In a subsequent post, Hastings stated that his organization recently encountered five large groups of illegal immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley, apprehending 539 people. Ninety-three of those apprehended were unaccompanied minors. According to Hastings, officers at the border have met over 18,000 unaccompanied minors so far in 2021. About 16,500 of them were kept by Customs and Border Protection or the Department of Health and Human Services before March 23.

The Biden administration is struggling with a border crisis and has faced bipartisan criticism for its response. According to analysts, more than 117,000 unaccompanied minors would reach the United States by the end of the year, leading the president’s staff to try to find new facilities to house them. Border patrol has taken drastic steps, such as releasing 2,000 migrants into the United States without warning of their imminent court hearings, effectively relying on them to keep themselves responsible for illegally entering the country.

According to U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Tex.) Border Patrol reports that 13 percent of unaccompanied minors met at the border are under 12 years old. “One logical approach to this situation would be to return the older teenagers to their home country and provide funding for an effort supervised by the U.N. to properly care for those teenagers upon their return,” Vela said. “Then, once the pandemic is under control, you could phase the program back in so that there would be some semblance of control over the process. I think that this would help relieve the current burden.”

Instead, in response to the influx of illegal immigrants flooding the Texas border, the Biden administration has asked federal officials to volunteer for up to 120 days to assist border officials. The U.S. Department of Human Resources released a memo on Thursday requesting that executives and heads of departments search for volunteer employees.

Volunteers are required in Dallas, San Antonio, and El Paso, and Fort Bliss. Volunteers are in charge of communicating with immigrant children and working with Border Patrol, the American Red Cross, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, whose congressional district lies along the southern border, told CBS News that “there are so many people coming through every day, groups of over 100 people coming into Border Patrol custody. Second, they are going and attempting to open more shelters by flow-through, or [Health and Human Services].”

Adult illegal immigrants have been “pretty much returned” to Mexico, according to Cuellar. “Those are being expelled. Depending on the age of the children, some family groups are deported back to Mexico. returns back are made for those who are thirteen or older.”

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