Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, the drugmaker responsible for developing the antibody cocktail former President Donald Trump was treated with when he tested positive for the CCP Virus or COVID-19, announced Tuesday, Jan. 26 that one of its products is 100% effective in treating symptomatic infections caused by the virus.

The Phase 3 trial antibody cocktail is the product that has demonstrated optimal effectiveness in preventing infection. According to National File, the results also show an approximately 50% lower overall infection rate in all patients.

Meanwhile, in the cases that did become infected, virus levels decreased and there was a rapid decrease in viral shedding.

Among the patients who participated in the test group that received the cocktail, none had an elevated viral load, meanwhile, sixty-two percent of the participants received placebo treatment.

“These data using REGEN-COV as a passive vaccine suggest that it may both reduce transmission of the virus as well as reduce viral and disease burden in those who still get infected,” said George Yancopoulos, president and chief scientific officer of Regeneron.


According to the Nasdaq report, REGEN-COV, is a cocktail of two monoclonal antibodies, specifically designed to stimulate the immune system by blocking the infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the CCP Virus.

Regeneron is currently collaborating with the multinational Roche for the mass production of REGEN-COV.

Yancopoulos stated, “Even with the emerging availability of active vaccines, we continue to see hundreds of thousands of people infected daily, actively spreading the virus to their close contacts.”

Breaking the chain of spreading the virus

“The REGEN-COV antibody cocktail may be able to help break this chain by providing immediate passive immunity to those at high risk of infection, in contrast to active vaccines which take weeks to provide protection,” he added.

David Weinreich, the company’s head of global clinical development, said, “It’s notable that the few infections that did occur after receiving REGEN-COV were all asymptomatic and associated with markedly lower viral load and duration of viral shedding, potentially further reducing transmission.”

“We look forward to seeing the full dataset early next quarter and will discuss the current results with regulatory authorities, including the potential to expand the Emergency Use Authorization,” he added.

As National File noted, shortly after the 2020 election, federal drug regulators issued an emergency authorization for the cocktail. It is unclear whether that authorization was politically timed.

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