The FBI arrested Elizabeth Rose Williams, a young female Christian volunteer, on Tuesday, March 23. Her family has not heard from her as of this date.

FBI officers raided her house in Ingram, Texas, in the early morning and arrested her. They then searched her home beginning at 4 a.m., according to the Gateway Pundit.

Williams, from Kerrville, Texas, and her fiance, Bradley Stuart Bennett, were arrested for entering the U.S. Capitol after writing “patriots [going] to fight” on Facebook.

Prosecutors said the pair were seen on camera walking around the Crypt and Senate Chamber gallery as thousands of rioters invaded the Capitol, according to a recently unsealed criminal complaint.

Williams is a fitness consultant, a holistic food lover, “all American,” and an artist who is adamant about “living every day with purpose,” according to Facebook updates and her official website. At the age of 18, she began a “home-based business” and earned “the equivalent of a degree from The School of Hard Knocks.”

Elizabeth has known since she was a child that she is here for a cause, that she was meant to do amazing things and be a leader’s influencer.

She is a “seasoned trainer in the field of essential oils, herbal supplements, fitness, and mindful food sourcing,” as well as a supporter of the “5 Key Elements of a Balanced Life.”

Williams offered her clients some “spring cleaning tips” without being “too hard on yourself,” in a blog post published the day before she was arrested,  She has used Instagram to share essential oil and lifestyle ideas.

An additional video was sent to the FBI that, “appeared to have been copied from Bennett’s Facebook profile and [showed] Bennett and Williams entering the United States Capitol, in the Capitol Crypt, and in the Senate Chamber gallery,” according to the lawsuit.

Prosecutors added that “Bennett appeared to have deleted most or all of the posts he made about the [riot] within 24 hours of the event”.

Williams and Bennett were released on bond.

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