Two weeks after disappearing while on vacation, a Georgia elementary school teacher was discovered dead on Nov. 9 on a roadside in Mexico.

Alexandra Morales, 24, was found on the side of the road in Guadalajara about a week ago, WSB-TV reported.

Family members said Morales left for a vacation in Mexico in late October. Her last known whereabouts were at a concert. No one was able to contact her in the days that followed.

Morales worked as a first-grade teacher at Benefield Elementary School in Gwinnett County. According to school officials, she was expected to be back at work last week.

Principal Shonda Gipson-Stevens sent a letter home to parents on Tuesday, Nov. 9, to inform them of Morales’ death.

“We were all very hopeful that they would find her and she would be returning safely, but that was not the case,” a school spokesperson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The school emailed parents on Wednesday to explain how they might help their children cope with their teacher’s loss. The email read:

“After notifying our staff members, we made phone calls to the families of students in Ms. Morales’ class so that they could comfort their child. That said, we know this loss touches many in our school community and we want to support our students and staff members during this difficult time. Our counselors are here to listen, to talk, to assist with the questions, and to help with the emotions that accompany this type of loss.”

The cause of death for the 24-year-old remains unknown, but investigators have indicated they have taken someone into custody. The suspect’s identity has not been revealed by the police.

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