Communications staffers for Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) on Sunday afternoon, April 11th, received an e-mail from newly appointed CNN correspondent Gabby Orr.  Orr’s email requested comment about her first article for CNN that said Rep. Gaetz had been denied a meeting with former President Donald Trump.

The initial CNN article reported that neither side had replied, but this was not true as Gaetz’s team responded a few hours after receiving Orr’s request for comment by email, The National Pulse reported.

Orr, a former POLITICO employee, reported it out before getting any clarification from either side.

Gaetz’s team sent her a statement, which reads: “Rep. Gaetz was welcomed to Trump Doral this week and has not sought to meet with President Trump himself. He’s been mostly relaxing with his fiancée this week during recess. GOP establishment types can leak as many lies as they want to their friends at CNN, but a recent poll showed Rep Gaetz’s constituents are overwhelmingly supportive of him, and that’s the only support a Member of Congress needs.”

But Orr used an unverified, anonymous ProtonMail account to send the comment request email. As a rule, Gaetz’s team did not reply to “” or other easily spoofable e-mail addresses. Official emails are preferred.

As a result, Gaetz’s team sent Orr their statement through various channels, including any possible perturbation of a CNN e-mail address for her, her POLITICO e-mail address, and Twitter direct messages, according to The National Pulse.

CNN failed to include his complete statement in their article when it was first released, and it still has not been published.

They instead said that Gaetz staff had not responded.

Orr admitted in direct messages to the National Pulse that she made an “honest mistake” and “a sincere oversight on my end” and that she “would never deliberately ignore a spokesperson’s response to a request for comment.”

However, after many “updates,” the story only includes half of Gaetz’s spokesperson statement. It did not mention the most critical part of the story for hours, which came after CNN had first to update it to: “Trump team’s official denial.”

In reaction to the CNN article, Trump communications strategist Jason Miller took to Twitter to slam Orr and CNN’s reporting, saying it was all made up.

A person (again anonymous) directly involved with Trump’s post-presidential operation said the former president’s aides “were under the impression that Gaetz went down there to try to run into Trump” at the Trump Doral event at the weekend in Miami.

At the event, Gaetz broke his silence on the bizarre allegations against him and also preemptively warned of “anonymous sources” in stories about him.

The National Pulse has reported and observed that the above assertion is false. First, Trump’s whereabouts at the weekend were well known. He was hosting at Mar-A-Lago, not at the Trump Doral, and therefore there was no chance of “running into Trump.”

Second, Gaetz appeared at the gathering, spoke, and then departed. He did not try to “run into” anybody. Twelve CNN reporters who attended the Doral event to cover Gaetz’s speech confirmed these details to Gabby Orr.

Below is the false, anonymously cited line in Orr’s CNN article.

CNN’s article reports embattled Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is denied a meeting with Trump on April 12, 2021. (Sceenshot/

Orr’s representation of events may very well be an “honest mistake,” as she claimed,  but if she is so sincere, why is the fake article still up on CNN’s website, and why do these “mistakes” still occur while reporting on conservatives?

“I’m built for the battle, and I’m not going anywhere,” Gaetz said.


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