The UK held a state funeral for the Queen Elizabeth II in London on the September 19. Politicians from around the world attended and the whole of Britain mourned. China sent Wang Qishan and accompanying officials wearing masks throughout the funeral, which sparked ridicule. A video posted on the internet shows when Wang Qishan arrived, staff at the Chinese Embassy shouted “Warm welcome” in the street. Meanwhile overseas Chinese netizens criticized this display as “rude and inhumane.”

On September 20, a video posted on social media showed some Chinese people standing on both sides of a London street, waving Chinese and British flags, greeting the Chinese delegation’s convoy. When Wang Qishan got out of the car, many people shouted in unison “Welcome, we welcome your attendance, warmly welcome.” At that time Wang also waved to the crowd, the scene attracted the attention of the British officials.

Netizens posted videos indicating that the crowd was assembled by the Chinese Embassy, ​​who shouted “warmly welcome” in front of the funeral home. The person who posted the video criticized, “Only a shameless regime like the CCP can do such inhumane things!”

The Epoch Times quoted many netizens saying, “Don’t you have a minimum of politeness?”

One netizen said, “This is a funeral, not a party.”

Another said, “Seeing this action makes me feel ashamed as a Chinese.”

One mocked, “Cultural insensitivity, discourtesy, self-humiliation.”

Previously, Wang, as the special representative of General Secretary of the CCP Xi Jinping, accompanied officials to visit the queen’s coffin on September 18 and attended the funeral on September 19. The whole Chinese delegation wore white masks with the Chinese flag on them throughout the ceremony. This led to lively discussions.

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom once expressed her displeasure at the “rudeness” of Chinese officials before her death.

According to the New York Times, when Queen Elizabeth II received Lucy D’Orsi, commander of the Metropolitan Police Service, on the lawn at Buckingham Palace in May 2016, the two exchanged views on China. They talked about several clashes in London when Xi Jinping and his entourage were on a state visit in October 2015. At one point, the queen said that the Chinese officials were “extremely rude.”

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