Recently, six “political and legal tigers” in Sun Lijun clique received heavy sentences. Experts say this is a “judicial drama” carefully staged by Xi Jinping. Xi is sending signals indicating the climax of a power struggle within the CCP, ahead of the 20th National Congress.

By September 23, Sun and his gang were officially sentenced. In addition, Sun, former vice minister of public security of China; Fu Zhenghua, former minister of justice; and Wang Like, former deputy head of the political and legal department law of Jiangsu Province, were sentenced to death with a 2-year delay, which is generally considered the equivalent to a life sentence.

“Crossroads of the World” host Tang Hao believes such a trial is a “judicial drama” carefully staged by the authorities, sending layers of political signals.

First, the authorities sternly warned those behind the “Sun Lijun gang” – belonging to Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong faction. Before the 20th National Congress, Xi will once again defeat opposition forces in the Party.

Second, the Chinese Communist Party avoided the core felony of “rebellion,” and Xi compromised.

Tang assumed that the CCP avoided the core felony because Sun’s gang he suspected was being “protected”, which shows the chances of Xi’s re-election are not high, so he compromised with those who were anti-Xi.

Third, Xi suddenly “disappeared” while 6 “political and legal tigers” were sentenced.

After Xi returned from Central Asia to Beijing on September 16, he made no public appearances while Sun and the others were sentenced.

Tang said that Xi struck six “political and legal tigers” before the 20th National Congress, but he hid, possibly to avoid assassination and counterattacks by opposing factions. 

He believed that Xi’s attack on the “Sun’s gang” was actually a warning to Zeng Qinghong, the current commander of the Jiang faction. Don’t try to assassinate him, otherwise Xi’s side will fight to the end. Currently, the power struggle within the CCP has entered its climax and is also at its most dangerous.

Fourth, Xi’s big move is to clean up the political and legal system. Tang said that Xi wanted to prove that he was in control of the Party knife and that he took the knife from anti-Xi assassins. Next, if anyone disobeys him, he would take care of the situation with a knife—equivalent to a purge and more serious threats to all factions in the Party.

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