Recently, in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, China, a mother holding a one-year-old baby was asked by a bus driver to buy a ticket for the baby. When the story went public, netizens were outraged saying things like, “So desperate for money that they have gone mad”.

According to China’s Jimu News, on August 29, a mother held a baby less than 1 year old to catch the bus in Zhanjiang city, Guangdong province. She was stopped and asked to buy a ticket for the baby. The mother refused and the two sides had an argument.

In the video, the woman says: “My baby is only 1 year old, and you dare ask me to buy a ticket for him???”

The ticket collector said: “It is not my regulation, I only follow the law, if you think it’s wrong, just report it to the police!”

NetEase said, after the incident, staff at Nanqiao bus station responded that only one free ticket for children will be given away for every 10 adult passengers, or children will have to buy tickets at half price. As a rule of the bus operator, even children as young as one month old need to buy a ticket.

Netizens have voiced their criticism, and the Epoch Times has compiled some of their comments as follows:

One person said: “The act of this bus operator is shameless. The weight of the baby is not even equal to a piece of luggage, let alone being held in the mother’s lap, which does not take up anyone’s space. Have they gone mad because of overthinking about money?” 

Another pointed out: “Are they so short of money that they have gone insane? And now, because of running out of money, they start stealing. Obviously, the country does not require children under 1.2 meters to buy tickets, isn’t this bus operator managed by the state?”

Another complained: “Anytime my daughter takes the bus, she always has to buy tickets at full price, while she’s 5 years old and is 1.16 meters tall. The ticket seller said that the traffic police checks strictly. Anyone and everyone who gets on the bus must buy a ticket, because the traffic police check whether the number of people exceeds the required limit or not; they also count all the people in the car, even the baby held in the lap by the the mother is counted.”

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