On October 21, a poll published by Global Times, the official media outlet of the CCP, said that Chinese youth who preferred Western countries is decreasing. The poll, listed seven advanced countries, the U.S., Japan, Australia, the UK, Canada, Germany, and France, and said that Chinese youth have the least favorable impression of the U.S., followed by Japan. 

According to NTDTV, a Chinese international student surnamed Han said, “In my opinion and experience, this is not true. I feel that many young Chinese do not understand anything about the West, their perception of the West is mostly empty, and they don’t want to waste their energy thinking about distant things. I think a better word to describe them is ‘lying flat’ or ‘tang ping.’” 

The Global Times claimed that today’s young Chinese are increasingly confident. More than half are looking at the West with a “head-up” mentality, believing that China has surpassed Western countries in terms of policing and human rights.

However, many Chinese international students told NTDTV that official CCP media polls are unreliable.

An overseas Chinese by the name of Chen said, “I am very skeptical about the authenticity of this so-called poll data and do not know if this poll is purposeful or not. Nowadays more and more people, young or old, want to move abroad.”

James Wang, an international student from Florida said: “Actually, polls like this are just for laughs. This is like the CCP flaunting that 90% of Chinese people support the CCP. In fact, this ostentatious expression of self-confidence is actually an expression of its own inferiority.”

The Global Times also quoted experts as saying that it is normal for young people’s confidence to increase as China’s national power grows and its influence abroad grows. And also stated that Chinese society has always been stable, while Western countries have been in turmoil in recent years, so Chinese young people have more faith in their own country.

Li Yuanhua, a Chinese historian in Australia, frankly told NTDTV that, under the totalitarian regime, the responses of Chinese youth to the poll may not be their true thoughts, and the poll itself is provocative and combative.

In fact, “Peng Lifa,” the Sitong Bridge Event protester, recently hung banners opposing the CCP, which has caused more and more Chinese young people to awaken.

Despite the CCP’s efforts to block news, many people have expressed their support for the “Sitong Bridge warrior.” In Beijing and Guangzhou, a large number of anti-CCP banners have appeared in public restrooms.

Li said, “In fact, any such event can inspire some young people, especially aspirational ones, who do not blindly believe in CCP propaganda. People who get CCP-approved news coverage area on a daily basis and don’t actively learn about the world, most likely will follow the CCP’s direction. I think the polarization of young people in China is also relatively clear.”

The overseas Chinese student community is also getting braver. A large number of posters and slogans in support of the “Sitong Bridge warrior” have appeared at many universities in the UK and the U.S.

International student with the surname Han said, “At least we feel that we are making progress, and we want to use our courage to show something. A hero inside the ‘wall’ has done it. So we, the liberals outside the ‘wall,’ why don’t we speak up? If we don’t speak out, then who else will? If not now, when will it be?”

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