Massachusetts-based cybersecurity company Recorded Future recently released a report stating that a hacker group associated with the Chinese Communist Party has been targeting human rights organizations, think tanks, media agencies, and multinational government agencies. The group has carried out cyberattacks over the past three years.

The hacker group RedAlpha targeted Amnesty International, the International Federation for Human Rights, Radio Free Asia, the Mercator Institute on China, and other think tanks, government agencies, and humanitarian organizations around the world. They register domains masquerading as the targeted organizations and agencies and use fake login pages to steal credentials such as username and password.

The report believed that the hacker group is likely a private contractor hired by the CCP because their goals are “in line with the strategic interests of the Chinese Communist Party.” And there are some clues that the attack is China-related. An email address used by this group registered fake malicious domains related to Jiangsu Junli Huayu Information Security Technology—the company does business with a number of Chinese state-owned enterprises.

According to Voice of America (VOA), the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto in Canada revealed in 2018 the hacker group’s cyber activities against the Tibetan community. They have also been particularly interested in Taiwanese organizations over the past few years—the American Institute in Taiwan, the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan, the Institute for Security and Defense, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as their targets.

Sound of Hope quoted General Yu Zongji, former dean of the School of Politics and Warfare at the National Defense University of Taiwan, as saying that as Taiwan and the international community have taken precautions, the CCP will pay more and more to reunify Taiwan by force. Thus, it will focus all its attention on the development of so-called harmony, reunification, and all-round incursions and cyberattacks on Taiwan as part of its related actions.

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