Ancient forest discovered in sinkhole beneath mountain in China

Insights 05/24/22, 00:22

A long-forgotten nature pocket was uncovered inside a mainland Chinese mountain on May 6. The sinkhole measured 306 meters (1004 feet) long, 150 meters (492 feet) wide, and 192 meters (630 feet) deep in Leye County, Guangxi Zhuang region. The cavity near Ping'e village astonishingly contained an ancient forest, home to ...

First-ever human case of H3N8 virus recorded in China

News 05/04/22, 02:52

A highly contagious disease commonly found in winged animals infected a human being for the first time in mainland China. A 4-year-old boy was recently diagnosed with the H3N8 virus after coming in close contact with chickens and crows his family raised at their Henan province home. The country’s National Health Commission ...

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