Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian posted a letter on August 23, on Twitter, “Taiwanese compatriots are Chinese people, please contact the Chinese Embassy if you are in trouble,” causing netizens to poke fun commenting that the Chinese Embassy can’t even save the Chinese people, can it save the Taiwanese?

In a letter from the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia to Taiwanese compatriots in Cambodia on August 20, after the incident of some Taiwanese being tricked. It was said that regardless of any difficulties Chinese citizens face in Cambodia, they can directly contact the Chinese Embassy. The embassy will “provide timely and effective consular protection services to all Chinese nationals in Cambodia, including fellow Taiwanese.”

The Epoch Times said that one netizen said that the CCP doesn’t care about “Mainlanders,” but they claim to care about the Taiwanese? Even if this was the case, this is the second persecution, isn’t it?

Netizen “fangzheng” said: “Has the iron chain woman been rescued? Has the Tangshan murderer been executed? Isn’t it enough for a group of bandits with bottomless greed that has plagued China for more than 70 years? Now it has harmed Hong Kong, Macau, and even Burma, Cambodia, Ukraine …, as long as it casts its shadow, people will be harmed.”

Another posted a photo of a man standing in front of a tank during the “June 4th” Tiananmen Square massacre, sarcastically saying “look for a tank if you have any problems.”

Taiwanese netizen “Night Owl” said that Taiwan has its own support, and it would be better off if the CCP stopped making countries along the ‘Belt and Road’ corrupt and collapse. And about protecting citizens? Didn’t the Chinese citizens in Ukraine have to disguise themselves as Japanese for safety?… Such shamelessness and rudeness is fully reflected by Chinese diplomats.”

The Epoch Times also quoted some netizens who also recounted their experiences and lessons in the Chinese Embassy. Some Hong Kong people whose property was stolen while traveling in Vietnam went to the Chinese Embassy to ask for help but were not accepted. Then they went to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam for help. Some Taiwanese students with expired visas were told that Taiwanese problems cannot be solved, and they must go to the Taiwan Exchange Association.

Cambodia’s Sihanoukville has become a hotbed of crime, accused of being the remaining venom of the “Belt and Road”

According to RFI, it has recently been reported that Taiwanese have been deceived into coming to Cambodia with the promise of high-paying jobs, and been treated inhumanely. They have their passports confiscated, and have restricted personal freedom. Many cases occurred in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

According to Taiwanese police sources, most of the gold shop owners in Cambodia’s Sihanoukville are Chinese. If the members fail to do well, they will be beaten and put under house arrest. Many Taiwanese are tempted by high-salary advertisements on the internet, and benefits such as free meals and accommodations, but fall into the clutches of scam artists.

According to the latest statistics from the Taiwan Criminal Department, as of August 21, 72 people have been rescued and assisted in returning to Taiwan. A total of 25 cases of human trafficking have been detected, 75 people have been arrested, and 31 people have been incarcerated. Hong Kong Security Minister Deng Bingqiang said on August 20 that he had received 28 cases of Hong Kongers being cheated in Southeast Asian countries asking for help.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently announced that the Cambodian port city of Sihanoukville has become a hotbed of crime for fraud. So far citizens of Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam have become victims. The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia took this opportunity to create the illusion that the CCP could effectively provide emergency relief to Taiwanese compatriots abroad, which was no different than setting a fire and calling for help at the same time.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that if the CCP still has the Taiwanese people in its heart, it should immediately stop civil attacks and military threats against Taiwan, and stop interfering in the legitimate activities of Taiwan police and judicial cooperation with other countries.

In a recent interview with The Epoch Times, Ken Wu, vice president of the Los Angeles branch of the Taiwan Public Affairs Association, said that in light of the CCP’s recent aggression, the Taiwanese and the free world have clearly seen the nature of the CCP, and will no longer believe the CCP’s lies.

He said that the incident in Cambodia not only had Taiwanese victims, but also people from Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, and even young people in mainland China were also deceived. These victims are forced by human traffickers in Cambodia to stay in local Chinese-invested casinos. They are forced into slave labor, and even rumored of being held hostages for ransom. In the end, many people lost their lives.

Wu said: “Zhao Lijian ignored the suffering of victims in various countries, including Chinese people, to cover up the CCP’s suspected role behind Chinese-run casinos and the regional diplomatic benefits they can reap. Taiwanese people should not accept the CCP’s fake goodwill. Taiwanese at home and abroad will look for other solutions, connect with other countries, and the free world to put pressure on Cambodia to rescue these victims.”

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