Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun” Taipei bureau chief Yaita Akio said in a Facebook post on Tuesday, June 14, that China has taken two recent measures that could have a big impact on Taiwan’s future.

The first is China’s declaration to the world community that the Taiwan Strait is China’s inland sea, and the second is President Xi Jinping’s signing of the “Outline of Military Action for Non-War.”

Yaita Akio said that China would probably restrict foreign ships from entering and leaving Taiwan’s ports because “the Taiwan Strait is an internal sea,” thus further suppressing Taiwan.

The Japanese analyst said part of the reason behind this claim may be because warships from the U.S., Britain, France and other countries have recently passed through the Taiwan Strait. This makes China think that the chance of the international community intervening in the Taiwan issue has increased, and a sense of crisis has arisen.

Yaita Akio said it is an open challenge to the International Convention on the Law of the Sea and would forcibly change the existing rules of the international community regarding this sea region. 

About the “Outline of Non-War Military Actions,” Yaita Akio pointed out that this provides a legal basis for the military’s non-military operations on the surface such as peacekeeping, anti-terrorism, disaster relief, and crime-fighting. It helps China evade international law and avoid some subsequent economic sanctions if it does carry out war disguised as non-war action.

He said the two moves mentioned above are both legal warfare and could be preparations for when the time is right. Taiwan must not take this lightly, especially about the Taiwan Strait issue. Taiwan must speak out against it and unite with other countries to firmly resist it.

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