A young mother from the United States shared on social networks the story of the miraculous birth of her baby after surviving a chemical abortion. “He’s a textbook miracle,” said the woman, who decided to go ahead with her pregnancy and refuse a surgical abortifacient offered by the abortion center she attended.

As reported by The Sun, the unnamed woman wrote to her followers on Tik Tok, “I had an abortion, but he was born anyway,” sharing a video of her with her young son.

When she found out in 2020 that she was pregnant, she and her boyfriend were not in a good situation. They thought they could not financially support the arrival of another child, as the woman said they both had children from previous relationships. 

“We weren’t stable financially or mentally,” she said, and it seemed to them that abortion was a way out, so she went to an abortion center and opted for a medical or drug-induced abortion, according to the report. 

She took the first pill at the abortion center and then four more at home vaginally the next day. She soon began bleeding, so she assumed the abortion was done. 

But despite her bleeding, pregnancy symptoms persisted for the next five days, so the clinic instructed her to take a second set of abortion pills.  

So the young mother repeated the process and still experienced the bleeding she had experienced with the first doses. She then continued with the instructional procedure given by the clinic to its clients. A few weeks later, she took a pregnancy test to corroborate that the abortion had been “successful.” 

To her great surprise, the young woman reported that her pregnancy test was positive, so she returned to the clinic, where a doctor confirmed it and referred her for a surgical abortion. She refused the procedure and said, “So I left, deciding I was having a baby.”

The mother recounted that she married the baby’s father on Christmas Eve, shortly before he was born. 

She further revealed that abortion pills caused the baby to be born with a clubfoot. This congenital anomaly affects the muscles and bones in the feet, but they were able to correct it through surgery, and except for that, the baby was born very healthy and was happy.

Now, the young mom is grateful for her son’s life, especially knowing that he survived despite the harmfulness of abortion pills. “I love my son, of course I do,” she shared and said that, “He’s a textbook miracle.” 

Several of the mother’s followers on Tik Tok questioned the young woman having subjected her baby to a procedure that was going to take her life and asked if she loved her child, to which she responded:

“I love my kid, of course I do,” she shared. “I decided to have him. I could have still got the surgical abortion.”

Some others gave her words of encouragement in the comments for respecting her son’s life by going ahead with her pregnancy.
As Life News reported, many women regret killing their unborn children, but it is almost impossible to find a mother who regrets choosing life.

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