In China, in the past, countless parents and students believed going to study abroad and coming back as a “returner” would help in finding a good job.

However, reported that overseas students repeatedly encounter obstacles when returning to China to seek jobs. The employer said: “Don’t fool me with this degree of education.”

Mr. Men(门) was originally an undergraduate student. After graduating from university, his parents let him travel abroad for further studies. 

During his three years overseas, the tuition fees, daily living expenses, and so on cost $50,000 (360,000 yuan). 

However, after returning to China, Mr. Men suddenly regretted it as he could not find a stable job.

He said he is a computer science graduate and did not think this field had such high requirements.

During the process of job hunting, Mr. Men also repeatedly encountered obstacles. 

The company he liked did not hire him, but the one that did hire him did not meet Mr. Men’s psychological expectations. 

In the end, what made Mr. Men feel even more helpless was the reply from HR, “Don’t fool us with this kind of education.”

When Mr. Men wrote his resume, he listed his experience studying abroad, but the “achievement” item was blank.

To have a job, Mr. Men can only choose to be an ordinary company employee and now regrets choosing to study abroad.

The paper wrote that studying abroad is a “gold-plated” way but also depends on the student’s abilities.

Each student cares about different points. Some students only care about the academic qualifications they finally obtained, that is, to spend money to study abroad. 

What businesses value is not the academic qualifications but what you achieve while studying abroad.

The paper added that although the social situation is relatively harsh, most students still choose to study abroad.

In reality, many students with high standards and low abilities also have high requirements for companies.

As a result, both sides spend a lot of time and effort finding the right partner.

Meanwhile, the number of annual graduates in the country is vast. And many are willing to stick with a typical job for a long time.

Therefore, not attaching importance to one’s effort when studying abroad is also directly related to the employment situation in the country.

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