The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command recently stated that if the CCP invades Taiwan, the sanctions imposed could be “500 times heavier” than Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to a report by Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense on December 13, in 24 hours, the CCP dispatched 29 military aircraft and 3 warships to operate around Taiwan. Of these, 21 aircraft entered Taiwan’s Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone, including 18 CCP H-6 bombers capable of carrying nuclear warheads. This is intrusion into Taiwan identification zone had the greatest number of bombers in a single day.

According to the National Defense Survey released by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation of California on December 1, out of 2,500 adults in the United States, 70% were concerned that the CCP might invade Taiwan in the next five years.

According to VOA, Reuters foreign policy and national security correspondent Idrees Ali interviewed Adm. John Aquilino, commander of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, on December 3 on whether the CCP could launch a military offensive against Taiwan by 2027. Aquilino believed that there were conflicts within the CCP and that these issues would only complicate their decision on whether to wage war or not. Because once a conflict starts, it will inevitably lead to bloodshed and sacrifice of property.

He said that, if we look at the impact of the economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. and Europe on Russia this time, then look at the close relationship between the CCP and the global economy, “we will foresee a devastating impact 500 times over.”

So why is Taiwan so important to the future of the free world? Even the U.S. wants to support Taiwan at the cost of their lives should it come to that?

The U.S. has always had a close economic relationship with China, but Aquilino noted, “Our economic relationship with other allies … If we take into account the economic relationship between Japan, South Korea, and the U.S., it will outweigh the benefits coming from China. When you think about how many like-minded countries (democracies) get together and make important economic moves, it will be very strong and strict, the CCP will have a hard time dealing with it.”

In addition, the U.S. must comply with its commitments under the Taiwan Relations Act. Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan said on December 8 that the bipartisan commitment to Taiwan’s security in Congress has remained steadfast since the act was signed in 1979.

He said, “A world [ruled] by a totalitarian vision is not safe for the U.S. or our friends. That’s why Taiwan is so important to the future of the free world.”

He added that we must let the CCP know that if it invades Taiwan, it will lead to sanctions at all levels from financial and commercial to industrial, even more severe than Russia. Sullivan said, “The CCP leadership should understand that we are ready to pass economic and financial sanctions bills to prevent any military action. These sanctions go far beyond the punishment Russia received for invading Ukraine.”
According to China News, Ely Ratner, U.S. assistant secretary of defense for Indo-Pacific affairs, mentioned that even though he does not think the CCP will be in a hurry to invade Taiwan in 2027, the United States will actively improve its capabilities, renew its military force layout, strengthen its deterrence in the region, and make the CCP pay a heavy price for invading Taiwan.

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