After the Chinese Communist Party introduced the so-called 20 measures to optimize pandemic restrictions, large-scale control in various places was maintained. The measures required nucleic acid testing, inhuman lockdown, and construction of quarantine huts, under the pretext of preventing the pandemic. It all caused public protests.

Some videos (0:36 and 0:55) posted on Youmaker on November 18 showed a Hohhot, Inner Mongolia resident holding a kitchen knife talking to a group of pandemic officers. The resident said, “They pounded on my door early in the morning. Before we could answer or open the door, they used a drill and hammer to break our door. A group of people came in. About a dozen people subdued us. Our little daughter was extremely scared. We didn’t know if we were infected or not, but they acted like they wanted to cut off our heads?”

Some Inner Mongolia netizens revealed that a large number of new huts were built in the area and are filled with people. The police even came to arrest those who refused to go to quarantine.

A Hohhot man went back and forth with the police. He pointed out that if he was positive for the virus then the workers were in “close contact.
The police agreed. The point the man was making then was that the police should go into quarantine.

In Guangzhou, where the government has never reported a single serious case, on November 17 announced it would accelerate the construction of quarantine cabins, with a plan to provide more than 240,000 beds.

A Guangzhou resident by the name of An said, “The pandemic prevention is too much, because they are afraid that something will affect their promotion, so they do it very strictly.”

No matter how people’s livelihoods and the economy are affected, the Chinese regime is still resolute in implementing the “zero-COVID” policy, but they don’t seem to be able to contain the virus. On November 17, the CCP reported data, and local cases again exceeded 20,000. Given the CCP’s habit of hiding the pandemic, the real numbers are worrisome. China’s protracted pandemic policies and that the CCP is constantly changing directives also make China’s future less optimistic.

Recently, China’s special armed police force issued a notice, “Armed patrols are being carried out, and the related requirements are announced as follows. First, the people must strictly follow the pandemic regulations.”

“News commentator Wen Zhao said, “The CCP leadership always talks about opposing goals. Even if it is considered incompetent, if there is a problem, no one takes responsibility. If the Chinese government intends to simultaneously carry out this optimized pandemic prevention and control work and stick to the three principles, it is equivalent to them announcing that China has begun to panic.”

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