A video showing an older man unsuccessfully trying to scan his health code on a bus has recently been circulated on the Internet and attracted public attention.

The older man couldn’t manage to scan his health code after several trials in the video. He wondered why it was available yesterday, but it wouldn’t work today.

The bus driver urged the older man to hurry up, as people were waiting for him. 

The older adult nervously asked what he should do if he could not scan the code.

The driver responded impatiently, “Get out of the bus. Just get on the bus when you’ve done.”

The older man replied by asking how long they could wait for him.

The driver replied more impatiently, “Oops! Just get on the bus when you’ve done! If you can’t make it right, you can’t ride!”

The elderly finally stepped out of the bus after the driver ordered him urgently, “Go down and get on the bus after you’ve done it!”

After the video was released, some netizens criticized the driver’s unsympathetic attitude toward the older man. Some even condemned the bus’s passengers for not helping him. 

However, the video poster shared a different opinion with China Digital Times. She expressed her sympathy to the driver, saying that people shouldn’t wholly blame the incident on the driver. 

She further added that the driver had his own difficulties, and he could have encountered several elderly who could not scan the codes during his day-long routine.

Meanwhile, others believe that the community helping the elderly

would not fundamentally solve the issue.

They supposed that the incident originated from the regime’s Covid-control policy strictly imposed on residents regardless of their age. 

The Chinese Communist regime has long applied stringent Covid-control measures for people of all ages and walks of life.

The BBC reported that nearly 10,000 Shanghai people aged over 80 had been forcibly taken to state-run quarantine centers without being accompanied by relatives since the first flare-up in early March. Such action came after they tested positive for Covid. 

Meanwhile, Shanghai authorities ordered the separation of covid-positive children from their parents and transferred them to quarantine centers in April.

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