Two gas explosion accidents occurred in mainland China on the same day.

Xinhua News Agency cited Tianjin’s official report on June 21 that at about 16:45 on June 21, a gas explosion occurred near the intersection of Beicheng East Road and Wusu Road in Baodi District. The accident resulted in 23 injuries, 3 of them with severe burns. [Video]

Baodi District Emergency Management Bureau issued a notice saying that the accident occurred due to gas leakage. 

Xiaoguo (pseudonym), a merchant near the accident site, recalled the incident to China Red Star News. She said that when the incident happened, she was packing flowers inside her store. Then, she heard a loud noise outside and felt the house shaking.

The Tai’an Emergency Management Bureau reported that on the morning of June 21, an explosion occurred on the first floor of the Greenland Mansion in Tai’an city, Shandong province. The incident resulted in a total of 13 injuries. Up to now, three people have died due to serious injuries. The cause of the accident is currently under investigation. [Video][Video][Image]

Videos uploaded by netizens show that the explosion was very violent, and many stores were damaged.

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