The CCP’s General Secretary Xi Jinping hurriedly ended his 3-day visit to Central Asia, going directly from the venue of the Shanghai Cooperation Conference (SCO) in Samarkand to the airport to return to Beijing. On the same day, Minister of Public Security Wang Xiaohong published an article in a party publication calling for allegiance to Xi. These moves have sparked a lot of speculation.

The Guangming Daily newspaper on September 17 reported that on the afternoon of September 16, after attending the SCO Summit in Uzbekistan, Xi flew back to China by private plane. President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov were outside the venue and the airport to see off him.

The article said that at midnight on September 16, Xi returned to Beijing. Accompanying him on the flight were Ding Xuexiang – Politburo member, and secretary of the CCP Central Committee Secretariat; Yang Jiechi – Politburo member and chairman of the Office of the Central Committee for Foreign Affairs; Wang Yi – state councilor and Foreign Minister; and He Lifeng – vice chairman of the National Political Union Committee.

Uzbek government sources confirmed to Reuters that Xi was absent from the dinner that night. In addition, according to a photo of the summit dinner published by the Twitter account New Heights Official Website on September 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other leaders attended, but Xi was absent.

On the day Xi Jinping returned to China, China’s Minister of Public Security Wang Xiaohong published an article titled “Historical achievements and changes in Police work in a New Era” in Study Times of the Central Party School. The article asked the people’s public security force to “resolutely be loyal to [Xi], support the leader, follow the leader, defend the leader” and “resolutely obey the orders of General Secretary Xi Jinping at all times and in all circumstances.” Wang also emphasized to “unite more closely around the Party Central Committee, with Xi at the center.”

It is worth noting that in his speech at the SCO Summit on September 16, Xi called on member states to prevent so-called outside forces from pulling the strings of the color revolution (a phrase referring to political movements in certain countries of the former Soviet Union or the Balkans during the early 2000s). In a post on the same day, Wang emphasized focusing on preventing and fighting the “color revolutions.”

The fact that Xi hastily returned to China, made the outside world think about whether something big happened in China that affected his re-election?

The Twitter account New Heights Official Website raised the following suspicion, “Xi Jinping returned to Beijing ahead of schedule. As an important initiator for the meeting, if there were no major events, Xi would not be absent from the group photo at the closing of the meeting. There are only three possibilities for this situation: First, the original plan between Xi and Putin collapsed; second, there’s a big problem with Xi’s body; Third, there was a major change in the domestic political situation. Which one do you think is more likely?”

Twitter account @ZhaoMingObserve said, “According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, Xi has returned to Beijing from Central Asia. It was reported that Uzbekistan President Mirziyoyev and Prime Minister Aripov have seen him off at the airport but apparently no one greeted Xi’s delegation at Beijing airport. Moreover, neither Xinhua News Agency nor Renri reported the news, only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did.”

In addition, other Twitter netizens left many comments, Vision Times quoted.

One wrote, “There’s also the possibility that he’s insecure about the situation at home.”

Another said, “There is a big possibility. Now Russia needs military support. But China did not dare get involved for fear of U.S. sanctions.”

News commentator Yue Shan told NTDTV on September 17, “According to CCP media, Xi Jinping went straight from the SCO Summit in Samarkand, and returned to Beijing at midnight. Such hasty action makes one imagine that something serious has happened in the country.”

Yue added that some thought that Xi was confident in his re-election possibilities so he attended the SOC Summit. But it now appears that he may be concerned about anti-Xi forces.

Yue assumed Xi had other concerns. Xi may be afraid that his red country will change color and his government will change the leader.

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