Anhui: Acting like thugs, fishery officers violently beat fishermen

According to a Twitter post, fishery officials allegedly used violence to arrest fishermen in Jinzhai County, Anhui Province, on June 29. The video shows a group of fishery officials in blue uniforms and orange life jackets approaching where the fishermen were fishing. A fisherman in a black shirt jumped into the water but was caught by an officer. It is worth mentioning that while approaching the black shirt man, this officer did not immediately pull him up but instead pressed his head into the water again. After getting on the shore, this officer even strangled the black shirt man, causing him to react angrily. On the canoe, a group of 5 other officers continuously beat and kicked another fisherman like thugs.

In response, one netizen said, “I was not expecting that last part.”

Another wrote: Those are all thugs with income.     

High-paid job during the epidemic- Dabai

Since May 9, the State Council joint prevention and control proposed COVID-19 testing booths within a 15-minute walking distance in major cities. This is in accordance with the Chinese government’s “zero covid” policy. As a result, the demand for COVID prevention and control workers or Dabai is increasing rapidly. 

Many companies have begun recruiting people for intensive mass COVID nucleic acid testing. The salary could be up to 600 yuan($ 89) per day or 30,000 yuan (about $ 4400) per month.

The video’s caption shows that these Dabai lined up at night to receive their salary.

Shenzhen: Residents scramble to buy food despite the government’s promises

Since June 18, many residential communities have been divided into a sealed-off area, a control area, and a prevention area. The Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision also announced they would control the market price to protect people’s lives. 

However, the footage shows many people scrambling to buy something in front of the locked gate. Some even asked the seller to give them the goods quickly.

Liaoning: Under China’s ‘dynamic zero COVID’ policy, medical staff allegedly refuse entry to cerebral infarction patient

The covid-19 epidemic in Dandong city, Liaoning province, continues to be complicated. The city government has also required COVID nucleic acid testing in many places.

A video shows that a hospital allegedly didn’t accept a patient with cerebral infarction because they needed a new result of nucleic acid testing. The man who filmed the video said that he brought the patient to the hospital at 1:00 p.m. However, the patient was refused treatment and had to stay outside until 2: 30 p.m.

He constantly called for help, but the medical staff asked the patient to do another new COVID test. The patient kept convulsing on the stretcher bed, but the nucleic acid sampling staff simply ignored him.

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