Shanghai officials announced in mid-May that the lockdowns will be gradually lifted as the city met its pandemic control goal. However, millions are still confined to their homes or state-run quarantine centers.

On June 06, the Voice of America reported that Shanghai still keeps many people tied to their homes and stays under local lockdowns after a short lift up for shopping and street parties.

Earlier this week, an Agence France Press reporter saw a dozen people shout at Xuhui District officials in hazmat-suit. These people were locked in their fenced-off housing compound.

Behind the fence rows, they chanted, “Serve the people!” at those on duty.

Agence France Press interviewed a man with Li’s surname, saying tensions shot up after the community was suddenly put back into lockdown on June 4.

He said he was very indignant, adding that “It’s been two months and we can’t cope anymore. We’re all negative [on COVID tests], why lock us in a cage?”

According to the Voice of America, in a media post that quickly took down from the social media page,  compound residents were angry about the possibility of being sent to state-run quarantine facilities, even though they were deemed “low-risk.”

Mr. Li said the authorities send people to quarantine places every day, sometimes at midnight.

As CNN reported on June 3, more than 2 million in Shanghai are still living under lockdown because their areas are designated as “high risk” by the government.

Shanghai people now have to face normalized nucleic acid testing restrictions. It means that to use public transportation or enter public places, residents must have a negative Covid test within 72 hours. This has caused a lot of inconvenience for the public.

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