Shanghai authorities finally announced that all 16 districts had achieved “social zero” on May 17. They would gradually lift the lockdown and progressively return to everyday life. But many places still did not loosen the restrictions, causing people to question the authorities’ strategy.

According to French media RFI, 2,500 of 10,000 residents are still in confinement.

Chinese language media Xin Tang Ren cited a reporter who interviewed a resident.

According to the reporter, people who escaped from Shanghai also complained about their hardships.

The reporter asked some residents for information. According to one of the residents, the administrators have left the city, and the administrative system is half paralyzed.

People in Pudong said that the authorities hadn’t lifted the prevention measures, adding that no one could go out. They still have to take nucleic acid and antigen testing while rushing for food every day.

Some said that formalism was too severe.

According to Radio Free Asia, residents reported to the “National Anti-Fraud Center” to complain about fake news spread by the Shanghai authorities and official Chinese media outlets.

For example, one Chinese media outlet posted a screenshot message on May 16, saying that the number of shops, markets, and restaurants open had risen. However, netizens reported this post to the “National Anti-Fraud Center.”

As the screenshots showed, netizens reported the messages and asked the authorities to control Shanghai. They said the old press conferences lied to them.

The outlet removed the screenshots on May 17.

According to Zhang Jianping, a current affairs commentator in Yixing, Jiangsu, the recent false information released by Shanghai authorities has sparked outrage among netizens.

Jianping said Shanghai residents’ accusations of false information sent out by the party media were truthful, adding that the media outlet should review its policy.

Jianping also said residents would definitely be angry when lies and false information are spread.

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