The longer the lockdown in Shanghai remains, the more hardships await its residents.

On May 14, a video was shared on Weibo showing a man kneeling in front of community workers in hazmat suits.

The man begged them to let him enter the cabin and get infected with COVID-19. He said he was out of money and could not pay rent.

Shanghai authorities have said that since new cases have eased, they could clear restrictions as soon as mid-May. Still, the current pandemic curbs remain stringent. As a result, many people have been unable to return home and are forced to wander the streets.

On May 12, a family was filmed clashing with Haz-Mat clothed public workers as they were denied re-entry to their community. They had been away for isolation. The officials stopped them from picking up their belongings and threatened them. A child teared up, and his father shouted that he would dial the police.

The lockdown also means that not everyone could continue their employment or businesses during the period. And it is much harder for citizens to preserve their money as they have to battle food shortages and price gouging.

In early April, SBS Chinese reported from a resident named Yan saying that some people have been without income for nearly a month. Shanghai had been battling COVID-19 and sporadic building lockdowns through March before entering a sudden lockdown later that month.

As several districts in Shanghai began to ease down restrictions, some non-locals have tried to leave. They were recorded stranding outside of the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

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