The “zero-COVID” policy implemented by the Chinese Communist Party is not effective, and the pandemic continues to heat up. On November 11, China News Network reported that the number of new infections in China on November 10 was over 10,000 cases, a new record high for the last six months. However, because the CCP has always concealed the pandemic, the true infection figures are still unknown.

Beijing has further tightened pandemic measures in recent days, and many places have been locked down.

A person in Beijing by the name of Gao, told Sound of Hope (First Recording) on ​​the November 11, “The pandemic is very serious. Yesterday the government announced that people would have to get nucleic acid tests every day. Before, only people who went out had to get tested. Now everyone has to do it. We don’t know what’s going on, but the virus is everywhere. A lot of places were closed, even the suburbs were locked down. Now there are fewer people on the streets, because they can’t go out anymore. This is serious. I’m more worried than before.”

According to online information, this outbreak in Beijing has closed at least 19 public places, including department stores, Lama Temple – a temple and monastery of the Gelug school, and Anzhen Hospital.

The China University of Petroleum was also closed, and a large number of people were quarantined.

A resident working near the university told Sound of Hope (Second audio recording), “It is true that there is a confirmed case at the University of Petroleum.”

Guangzhou in Guangdong province, another first-class city in China, has also become center of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Guangdong Health Commission, there were more than 3,036 new infections in Guangdong on November 10, including 3,007 in Guangzhou. This is the city’s most serious situation since the 2020 pandemic.

The Guangzhou government said that the risk of community transmission still exists in areas where there are currently no recorded cases.

As a result, Guangzhou, with a population of 19 million, is now implementing a Shanghai-style lockdown. According to nextapple, flights have been canceled, public transportation is suspended, schools are closed, shops and factories are closed, and citizens are not allowed to leave their homes. Haizhu District, Guangzhou City announced on November 10 that the area will be closed for 3 days.

Liberty Times reported that flight tracking company Variflight reported that 85% of Guangzhou’s flights have been canceled.

About 5 million people in Guangzhou are currently locked in their homes because of the strict measures.

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