According to UK-based health data firm Airfinity on Thursday, December 29, about 9,000 people in China might die every day from COVID, nearly doubling its estimate from a week ago as a tsunami of infections hit multiple regions across the country. 

Reuters reported that the firm said the total number of COVID deaths in China probably reached 100,000, with 18.6 million infections since December 1.

Airfinity estimates fatalities will peak on January 23 with around 25,000 a day, with cumulative deaths of 584,000 since December. The company also predicts 1.7 million deaths across China by the end of April.

In another analysis on November 28, Airfinity estimated that COVID fatalities in China might range between 1.3 and 2.1 million people based on the population’s low immunity. Only 40% of Chinese over 80 have been administered the booster dose of the homegrown vaccines.

In contrast to Airfinity estimates, the Chinese regime has reported only 10 COVID-related deaths since December 7. 

The regime also changed the definition of COVID-related deaths, reporting only COVID patients who die from pneumonia and respiratory failure.

Meanwhile, China’s National Health Commission said that as many as 248 million Chinese people might have been infected with COVID since the beginning of December when the Chinese communist regime abandoned its zero-COVID policy.

The figures are from the internal meeting, where the country’s top health authority estimated 37 million Chinese people might have contracted the coronavirus in a single day.

The Commission announced last week that it would stop publishing daily COVID data after the reliability of its data was questioned.

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