1. Netizens comment on bank treatment of depositors

While Chinese people are concerned about trouble with withdrawals at Henan Bank, footage from May has sparked a discussion.

The video posted on Weibo on June 25 shows many American Chinese lined up in front of the Chase Bank to ask for a refund of their deposit. A bank representative promised to review and resolve the complaints carefully. The Netizens have enthusiastically commented on this issue. User Xiaohongding 133 said, “Two worlds in the same place,” and another said, “No red code here.”

2. Land dispute between two residential areas in Dalian

On June 26, a video on Weibo showed people in two residential areas in Dalian, Liaoning, throwing bricks at each other. They were disputing the semicircular land where the fitness equipment was placed in the Jinhai International Garden between the two communities. No residents were injured in this incident. 

3. A sudden landslide happened in Meishan city

On June 26, Meishan City experienced a constant heavy rainfall. Footage shows a severe landslide occurred, causing mud to splash on windscreens and obscure the driver’s view. According to China media, the landslide happened at the traffic lights of Heilongtan on National Highway 351. The falling rocks have affected road traffic.

4. Many people have become wanderers in Macau

 The COVID-19 epidemic is still on the rise in Macau. To reduce the spread of the virus, the “Macao Special Administrative Region Bulletin” issued the Chief Executive’s Directive No. 104/2022 on the 26th. It stipulates that the Macao Special Administrative Region public sectors will continue to be closed from June 27 to July 1, except for those that provide emergency and essential services.

Under the harsh regulations of the government, many mainland residents couldn’t return home, so they became vagrants on the Macau streets.

5. Nearly 1,000 young people come to Suzhou desperate for work

Under the government’s extreme control to prevent the Covid pandemic, China’s unemployment wave has increased.

 A video shows nearly 1,000 young people have come to Suzhou 苏州 to look for work. They all carry big suitcases of their belongings and are sprawled over the footpaths and lawn. According to the cameraman, Suzhou is currently in the high season for job hunting.

6. Netizens touched by one man’s plight

A video from a girl touched netizens. She made many inquiries to removalists, but the cost was expensive. One quote was for 149 dollars. She then found a man who could move her belongings for the lower price of 90 dollars. The girl was initially skeptical and said that if he could not manage to do it because her belongings were very heavy, she would not pay. Her apartment is on the 5th floor and has no elevator.

He carried so many things alone without any help. Although his hands trembled and he sweated profusely, he said he had to work hard because his three children needed money to attend school. She was deeply moved and decided to pay him 149 dollars.

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