Lhasa city, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, has been placed under lockdown since early August. 

The authorities’ handling of the COVID outbreak, as well as COVID restrictions, have led to public resentment. Additionally, angry Lhasa residents vented their dissatisfaction on social media. News about the city’s lockdown has been censored. 

Recently, a Weibo netizen posted a heart-breaking photo on social media. In the photo, a man is lying on the ground with several COVID pandemic staff surrounding him. He reportedly jumped off a building at a quarantine site in Lhasa. COVID staff also prevented people from approaching the scene.

Another tragic incident was also reported. A woman in Lhasa jumped off a building and died. Surrounding citizens who witnessed the scene became panicked and shouted loudly.

An argument occurred, then a COVID prevention staff also punched the Tibetan man on the head.

Many videos reveal the poor conditions of Lhasa quarantine sites. Several beds can be seen setting up next to each other with a large number of people. Some crowded quarantine sites don’t even have beds, so people can only lie on the ground.

Radio Free Asia reported on September 23 that Lhasa is now like hell on earth. Several Tibetans were waiting to die after being infected at various quarantine sites. The news outlet quoted an insider as reporting the miserable situations inside.
The interviewed person said that the lack of food supplies made people starve to death. In addition, the small quarantine site accommodates more than 4,000 people. What is worth mentioning is that the beds of the green code and the red code people were next to each other. Therefore, those who were not sick also became infected.

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