The cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Xian are again undergoing heavy restrictions due to an alleged coronavirus wave. Still, citizens are not worried about possible contagions but about the Zero Covid policy of the Chinese Communist Party that closes entire cities and goes overboard in the control and surveillance of residents.

Several Chinese residential areas were closed off with high wire fencing and are under constant police surveillance. According to the nucleic acid test result, people also rely on cell phones with an application that displays a red, yellow, or green code. In this way, the Chinese regime authorities know whether a person is infected with coronavirus, whether they have been in contact with someone infected who is awaiting the result, as well as who is free of infection.

However, on July 5, in Wuxi, Shanghai, many Internet users denounced another controversial control method used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that violates human dignity and autonomy over people’s bodies. It is a stamp similar to the one used to tattoo cattle or pigs. For example, an Internet user said that with the stamp, the authorities ensured total control of circulation; “If a man completely loses the autonomy [of his body], he is no different from a pig,” the citizen added in his comment.

The seal is placed on the hand when the person goes from code yellow to code green after having the nucleic acid test result, and care must be taken to keep the seal intact for three days.

Some inhabitants reacted by asking themselves what to do if the mark is placed on one of their hands, how to maintain the seal with personal hygiene, how to wash their hands or bathe without it being erased, and even how to continue with household chores. And what would be the consequences if the seal disappears from their hand.

Citizens feel imprisoned by the CCP

Residents of Shanghai, Beijing, and Xian feel imprisoned by the CCP inside their homes, as well as by the regime’s harsh demands that they submit to new rounds of testing; people are questioning the Zero COVID policy, saying it is unsustainable and has done nothing but imprison them, causing stress and economic hardship.

Protests and harsh criticism of the Chinese regime started in Shanghai, even on the Internet, where CCP censors deleted their comments. Chinese citizens also complained to officials for leaving many without access to food and medical services and sending thousands of inhabitants to quarantine centers.

The Zero Covid policy violated the right to freedom and generated anxiety in people who cannot pay their debts or work to be able to do so. The fear of losing their businesses is another of the terrible upheavals.

Some people felt chest pain or were unable to concentrate at work. “We are seeing a lot of post-traumatic stress symptoms, although many people may not recognize them,” said Chen Jiejun, a psychologist in Shanghai.

Ms. Geng, an investment analyst in a makeshift hospital after testing positive, said, “People who test positive are dehumanized, treated like animals.”

These upheavals generated by the CCP’s Zero Covid policy have left 40% of the population in depression.

However, since July 5, Shanghai’s 25 million citizens have been required to take two nucleic acid tests and are once again in confinement.

“I’m so nervous, the epidemic has destroyed my youth,” posted a Weibo user from Shanghai.

The user commented that he participated in the latest round of testing solely out of fear that his cell phone code would fail and incorrectly flag him as a COVID risk.

Yao, another netizen, said, “People are now no longer afraid of COVID, they are afraid of being locked in their homes.”

More than one million people are locked up in Anhui province, where another 338 new cases were reported.

In Beijing, periodic test rounds were also conducted, and a steel fence was installed around a residential complex in Shunyi to prevent residents from leaving.

In Hong Kong, from the end of June to date, reported infections averaged around 2000 per day.

“It’s like they’re addicted to lockups—what else can they do?” complained one Xian resident on social media when the new measures were imposed.

Chinese companies escape restrictions

Chinese companies, such as home appliance manufacturer TCL, including Huawei, and others such as Oppo, and Xiaomi, are migrating to Vietnam in the face of arbitrary control and blockade by the CCP.

Moreover, when a CCP official stated that the regime intended to continue imposing widespread closures for at least five years. Public consternation resulted in his statement being deleted.

Cai Qi, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretary in Beijing, said the CCP “will maintain its pandemic control policy for the next five years.”

Qi commented that Beijing would stick to the “Zero COVID dynamically” policy, enhance regular PCR testing and ask all public places to strictly check QR codes based on tests and travel history that determine whether a person can leave or should be quarantined.

How far will the regime be able to go with the unsustainable and restrictive Zero Covid policy?

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