In many documents of the Communist Party of China, the relationship between leaders and the masses is always clearly stated. 

In the learning materials related to “people-centered development thinking” special education, Xi Jinping stated that party cadres are all public servants of the people. He added that leadership is service.

Xi used to give a message about this relationship in a meeting with Chinese and foreign journalists in October 2017. It is “always be a public servant of the people, a pioneer of the times and the backbone of the nation.”

It is unclear how true these messages are and how the party leaders serve the people, but now let’s see how the leaders are served.

First of all, the serving staff use a long rope to align the glasses for leaders. If something is out of the line, it needs to be adjusted right away.

A video shows a group of female servants in glossy uniforms being carefully trained to serve drinks and tea to the leaders.

How professionally they implement the drink-serving process from opening the lid, pouring the tea, to closing the lid. All movements are precise, skillful, and synchronized to each beat.

What is learned and trained is now applied in practice. How they move and serve drinks resemble soldiers marching with the spirit of steel discipline.

One netizen comments that drinking mineral water is more trouble-free, clean, and hygienic. Moreover, it will save a lot of service personnel expenses.

Another states it is backward. Now there are lasers, and these people still use a rope.

Some say at least they know where the people’s hard-earned money is spent.

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