Indonesia has recently launched plans to issue second home visas. The new visa now allows wealthy foreigners to live in Indonesia for a long time. However, the move has received criticism from many locals for they fear a large influx of Chinese to the country.

Radio Free Asia cited the Indonesian RMOL News Network reporting that the Indonesian Muslim Elder Albi (Muslim Arbi) publicly condemned the “Second Home Visa.” He said that the move could be a threat to the nation’s stability due to a possible large influx of Chinese citizens. Thousands of Indonesian locals retweeted his message.

Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat is an assistant professor at the Department of International Relations at Universitas Islam Indonesia. He told this news outlet three major reasons for the criticism of this policy.

  • First, the history of anti-communism and exclusion of China.
  • Second, locals have lost job opportunities due to the Chinese.
  • Third, Beijing’s hegemony and issues over a number of areas, including COVID, the South China Sea, and Xinjiang.

Ma Youyou, an overseas Chinese who has been living in Indonesia for decades, had an interview with RFA. 

Ma said that Indonesians do business in favor and credit. In contrast, many Chinese use tricks such as selling at low prices to compete with each other. She added, these Chinese also steal business from Indonesians, including local Chinese.

Indonesia’s new launch is called “Second Home Visa.” Full details of the requirements have yet to be released. Yet, the government has confirmed one requirement. Foreigners can apply for up to a 10-year long-term visa with a bank deposit of approximately $130,000. 

At the end of 2022, the government intends to formally introduce the new visa.

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