The Chinese government has enforced the “zero-COVID” policy for the past three years, but the pandemic is increasing. In Beijing, since November 23, the number of COVID-19 cases per day has exceeded 30,000 and a new death has been reported. Guangzhou has become the most affected area of ​​this pandemic wave.

Since the outbreak in Guangzhou at the end of October, with the escalation of pandemic restrictions, news of locals standing up against lockdown orders and breaking through fences confining people has spread on the internet.

On November 23, large-scale public protests broke out again in Haizhu District, Guangzhou city, and people angrily broke through the lockdown. Barriers used for lockdown were demolished and became a weapon for people to fight the police. (Video)

On November 25, a resident by the name of Du from Haizhu District, Guangzhou, told Sound of Hope, “In the past they used plastic barriers, but now they have replaced them with iron fences. Fences were drilled directly into the ground.This problem is very serious, the plastic barriers can easily be taken down at any time, but the iron fences would be quite troublesome to remove.”

Xu Xin, director of the Propaganda Department of the Command Center of the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, said in a press conference on November 24 that, from October 23 to November 24, the city’s public security agencies have investigated and handled 148 criminal cases related to the pandemic. He also stated that Guangzhou public security agencies will continue to crack down on illegal and criminal acts such as using violence against pandemic measures, infringing on the safety of medical and pandemic staff.

The Guangdong Provincial High Court issued 12 opinions on the evening of November 23, the content also included the punishment of crimes related to the pandemic.

Du told Sound of Hope reporters that there were rumors that Guangzhou would be locked down. He also said that the area where he lives is still fine, but for the past two days people can only enter but can’t leave. Feeling that the situation was unstable, Du immediately left his residence and returned to his hometown to avoid the city lockdown.

Sina newspaper reported that on November 25, the Guangzhou government announced in a press conference on the pandemic that there was no static management arrangement in Guangzhou, nor was there any plan to lockdown the city.

However, most Chinese people know the implications of refuting official rumors. For example, after the Shanghai lockdown was lifted this year, the government said that the city was not locked down but that it was the spontaneous decision of local neighborhood committees; Recently, Chongqing has also been accused of “spontaneous static management.” Du said that some friends advised him to go and stock up and everyone was rushing to buy necessities.

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