The latest report by the Spanish human rights organization “Safeguard Defenders” on December 5 revealed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has set up as many as 102 secret police stations worldwide. They employ local overseas Chinese leaders in many countries to cooperate directly with China’s domestic courts and procuracies, establish a so-called dispute settlement center and export the CCP’s repressive model abroad.

In September this year, Safeguard Defenders revealed for the first time that the CCP has set up unofficial “police stations” abroad to track, intimidate and suppress dissidents abroad. The CCP has also set up dispute mediation centers in many countries to handle cross-border civil cases and even to interrogate criminal cases.

Xing Tianxing, a commentator on current affairs in the United States, said: “Because these things are related to the so-called national security of this country, it must be tacitly approved by China’s top national security agency. Only with this permission can it be established abroad, have a police station in its name, so now there is a court, a prosecutor’s office, … which shows that it is gradually expanding.”

NTDTV quoted information from the CCP’s “People’s Daily” media that the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese is researching and implementing to promote “cooperation in prosecuting overseas Chinese.”

Chen Chuangchuang, doctor of law at U.S. St. John University, said: “From the very beginning, the CCP established these organizations, they did some work abroad before, but it was not so prominent at first. This organization has linked with other overseas Chinese organizations, then used these NGOs to act as agents. To do business more smoothly in China, overseas Chinese organizations were eager to show their support and cooperate with the CCP for mutual benefit.

Commentator Xing Tianxing, said that the CCP needs to tell the so-called China story abroad and shape the image of Wei Guangzheng.

Xing Tianxing said: “It is a way of controlling overseas Chinese, understanding the movements of all foreigners including Chinese, infiltrating American society through the Chinese, to gain the information they want and use it to control overseas Chinese. Moreover, by manipulating the overseas Chinese, they exert political and economic influence over the local area.

In November 2022, Jiangsu established the first “Overseas Chinese Checking Station,” propagating that it can conduct cross-border mediation overseas, cross-border investigations, cross-border hearings, and handle online, cases that involve overseas Chinese.

Wu Shaoping, a former human rights lawyer in China, said: “This case reflects that the CCP’s judicial arm is very long, reaching overseas. They do not use the military or other armed forces to directly infringe upon the sovereignty of other countries’ territories and airspace, but people may find that they use this method of soft intrusion to significantly infringe on the judicial sovereignty of other countries.”

According to the commentary, assuming the United States went to China to set up such a service station, even if it cooperated in legal proceedings, the Chinese authorities would not allow it.

Chen Chuangchuang said: “The Chinese government’s immoral and blatant trampling of international law shows its lack of understanding and shows the long-standing concessions of the international community towards the CCP and also gives the regime more courage to do this.”

Fortunately, other Western governments responded in turn after this report was released.

Former Chinese human rights lawyer Wu Shaoping said, “If the CCP continues to succeed in such behavior, the regime will extend its claws to overseas Chinese or Chinese-Chinese, but in the future, it can extend its claws directly to the expat community.” According to new data released by “Safeguard Defenders,” the CCP has set up secret police stations in 53 countries worldwide, of which Italy has the most in the world with 11 police stations. The article also alleges that a secret agent of the CCP’s overseas police station forced a Chinese citizen in the suburbs of Paris to return to China. Moreover, the CCP has specifically recruited agents to complete those tasks.

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