Reports are that on the evening of November 28, in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, a protest broke out on the street against the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) “zero-COVID” policy. As a result, authorities sent many policemen to control the protest. Some citizens described the police as going crazy, “immediately arresting everyone they saw.” They were “like bloodthirsty demons, ravaging their ‘owners,'” and “Too many people were arrested, and buses were all called to transport people.”

After the protest in West Lake (Xihu), Hangzhou, on the evening of November 27, although there were rumors that many police were present, people were still not afraid of danger. On November 28, a video was posted online, believed to be from the downtown area of ​​Hangzhou, where people gathered to protest.

The Hangzhou CCP authority deployed many policemen to guard the pedestrian street and prevent protests strictly.

It was spread online that, by 8 p.m. on November 28, many police cars were positioned on the pedestrian street by West Lake.

On November 28, a netizen with the nickname “memory” tweeted that an Hangzhou citizen recorded the protest. The content said the protest occurred at 19:20 in front of the Apple store on the edge of West Lake. The authorities sent special police, security, and residence staff to “surround the event site.” They formed a human wall [in the video at 1:30] and closed the nearby subway station. The security staff played loudspeakers, saying, “Do not gather during the pandemic,” to disperse the crowd. They would not allow people to take photos or videos. Whoever did will have their phones checked. 

The citizen said people started protesting at 8 p.m., but there was no movement until about 9 p.m. when suddenly they heard a girl calling for help from a corner of the square. Some police put her in a police car as if catching a fugitive. People then gathered to help. However, the police warned them not to take pictures. Some people angrily shouted, “why do you guys arrest people?.” An old man said: “You must have a reason to arrest people. Does she break the law?.” But the police did not answer.

Many protesters also gathered in front of the Hubin Intime Shopping Center. One man said, “I didn’t do anything, I didn’t even hold a white paper,” but a plainclothes policeman scolded him for being a “reactionary element,” not patriotic, and was a henchman, then a policeman grabbed the man and forced him into a police car, he kept calling for help, and people gathered to help.

This Hangzhou citizen said, at that time, a brave girl came out from the crowd, stood in front of the police car to stop it, and cried while saying: “Why are you arresting people? What law did he break!” A policeman angrily said: “Do you know him? If you do, then get in the car with him.” The girl said: “I don’t know him, I just passed by, but I am very angry!” The policeman said, “If you’re angry, get in the car to the police station to complain.” The people around were afraid that the police would put her in the car, so they pulled her away. The girl cried in despair, “How can China be like this, how can they arrest someone for no reason?.”

At the entrance to a subway, there was a man who sang only the national anthem or the international anthem, but the policemen also tried to arrest him. The people angrily came to negotiate, but the police ignored them and dispersed everyone under the pretext of pandemic prevention. But the masses refused to leave and shouted, “Democracy, the rule of law, police, let people go!.” Suddenly the man being held by the police shouted the slogan, “Hangzhou people unite to rescue,” but due to too many police, the rescue was not successful.

Then the crowd chanted “Liberty, Democracy,” causing the police to go insane. A witness said: “They are like zombies in the American movies, they catch everyone they see.” For example, a policeman wanted to arrest a young man [in the video at 0:35], “The young man said sorry, the police immediately called his colleague to say, this young man hit me, let’s arrest him.” 

The witness continued: “At the moment what I see is not the so-called ‘people’s police,’ they are like bloodthirsty demons, destroying their ‘owner.’ Tonight, they arrest people unreservedly, they arrest people without reason. Because so many people were arrested, buses were called to transport people.'”

“Tonight I, a mature man, shed tears into the West Lake, dreams were shattered by the Qianjiang River, for those who died unjustly.” Finally, the author said: “Today, the CCP’s handling of this has lost the hearts of the people!. All of the above is not without the slightest falsehood and exaggeration, I use my human dignity to guarantee!.”

In a video on November 28, a man is seen holding a bouquet of daisies, and several policemen are present to stop him. The man asked people at the scene: “Should there be flowers placed here?” Many people answered “Yes.” But then the police took the bouquet of daisies from the man’s hand. Some netizens sighed, “Is there a country on this earth that cannot mourn its suffering compatriots?.”

According to Vision Times, it is worth mentioning that many foreign media have reported on the protests in many parts of China that have shocked China and the world. However, the Chinese domestic media is pretending to be deaf. Social media has shown a lot of related news. However, the content, time, and location of the above documents could not be verified.

About the people in Hangzhou who took to the streets to protest the CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy. Netizens left many comments, which Vision Times quoted as follows:
“Is this Hangzhou? It’s not easy to launch a protest, keep going.”
“If true, Hangzhou people are really cool.”
“Above is heaven, below is Suzhou, and if Hangzhou is in chaos, it will be terrible.”
“Once Hangzhou is in chaos, the Communist Party is also ready to die.”
“The Chinese people are not easily shaken and are already organized.”
“The facts prove that the “zero-COVID” policy of the past three years is ineffective, it goes against science, harms people and costs a lot of money, and the CCP’s so-called ‘Great, open, straightforward, and precise’ has failed.”
“Can “zero-COVID” remove the virus? If the virus can’t be eliminated, will the policy remain forever? If it continues like this, China will collapse!”

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