Recently, the COVID pandemic broke out in many places in China as the situation in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, flared out of control. As a result, positive cases increased, and pharmacies were full of people. At the same time, Hangzhou is still setting up quarantine points, and hundreds of citizens have been locked up for a week. But they have yet to be issued a positive certificate by authorities.

Many mixed tests give positive results, and people must pay for single-tube nucleic acid retests at their own expense.

On December 17, a media channel called “zai ye shuo” posted a video that read: “The pandemic in Hangzhou has gone out of control, the number of infections has increased, nucleic acid sampling points in the hospital are full, people are lining up at midnight in the rain to take nucleic acid tests, a lot of people are buying medicine in pharmacies, the health system is completely collapsed. Hospitals’ emergency departments were informed to cancel the 48-hour negative certificate; major shopping malls in Hangzhou were empty.”

A video shows that many citizens who tested positive when using a mixed tube were detected in Hangzhou for several days. These citizens lined up day and night to redo the test using a single-tube nucleic acid test at their own expense. In some places, people had to wait for six hours.

Looking at the long line of positive people, some citizens helplessly said:

“Since when are there are so many people!.”

“Even though it was free testing before, there were not so many people!.”

Another said, “You can’t imagine how long this line is! This is a line of people with yellow health codes; you can’t see the end of the line!.”

In another video, at Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital in Hangzhou, there is a long line of people holding umbrellas, waiting in the rain to take nucleic acid tests.

People did not dare to go out when the pandemic broke out in Hangzhou. As a result, shopping malls that were always crowded with people are now empty. The subway was also empty without a single person. Now the crowded places are primarily nucleic acid testing points and pharmacies. In pharmacies, many people scramble to buy cold medicine. A man sighed: “Too many people, all come to buy medicine.”

According to Vision Times, on this issue, a citizen in Hangzhou said: “Hangzhou has already started to have an outbreak. My sister’s school has a lot of positive cases. My child’s kindergarten has a positive parent. To continue attending class, the school requires the children to take nucleic acid tests three times in three days.” Another netizen said: “A few days ago, my friend in Hangzhou said that one in ten people tested positive.”

On December 17, citizen “G17419” posted a video saying that a man in Hangzhou had been in lockup since December 9. The pandemic prevention and control agency did not issue a nucleic acid report and could not prove that he was a positive patient. “This quarantine has become a means for the Chinese regime to maintain stability and control whoever they want.”

A video shows a man saying that this large apartment in Hangzhou currently has about a hundred people locked up. The Hangzhou city authority subsidizes the place from about $29 – $43 (200 to 300 yuan) per person per day. The whole country has lifted the lockdown, but there are hundreds of people locked up here.

The man said: “None of the quarantined people here get their own nucleic acid report. They still do daily nucleic acid tests but don’t get nucleic acid reports.” Then, the man asked an anti-pandemic worker: “On what basis have you locked us up? If you can’t give our positive reports now, you’re already involved in illegal detention!”

This man also told the anti-pandemic staff that he reported the matter to the police. Furthermore, he asked the staff to show the positive nucleic acid test result certificates of everyone in the quarantine point with the official seal of the Health Committee. If not, he will send this video to the Central Propaganda Department, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, and all relevant official media.

As reported by Zhejiang News on December 4, except for special places such as nursing homes, welfare institutes, primary and secondary schools, and kindergartens, Hangzhou people no longer need to be checked for a negative nucleic acid test certificate. Furthermore, they are not required to scan a “location code” when going to public places or taking the subways, buses, and other public transport. In addition, citizens purchasing “four medicines” (antipyretic, cough, antiviral, antibiotic) through pharmacies no longer require nucleic acid test results and test promotion codes.

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