According to Stheadline, Netizens are circulating a video showing a Dabai kicking a citizen. 

The incident happened in Beihai City, Guangxi, on July 26, while people were lining up for nucleic acid testing.

Stheadline’s sources said that before the incident, the man and Dabai argued. Video on the Internet shows Dabai running quickly towards the man and kicking him. Both Dabai and the man fell afterward.

Local police said the cause of the incident was the man’s failure to move forward while waiting in line for nucleic acid testing. Dabai reminded this man. The words went back and forth and ended with Dabai kicking the man.

Commenting on this incident, a Chinese netizen said that if you can’t stay calm, please don’t do Dabai’s job.

Dabai reminds many people of the China Communist Party’s Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in China, many Dabai has become people’s obsession. Because they are enforcing the CCP’s “zero-Covid” policy.

In many cases, frustrated by the harsh living conditions caused by the zero-Covid policy as well as Dabai’s over abusing power, Chinese people have opposed and even chased away this force.

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