Since last May, heavy rains, along with the Chinese regimes’ release of floodwaters to save dams, have caused disasters in the southern provinces of the country, including Guangdong (Guangxi), (Jiangxi), (Fujian), (Hunan), etc. According to official figures in Guangdong, nearly 500,000 people were affected, 1,729 houses collapsed, and more than 200,000 people had to relocate urgently.

In the city of Yingde in northern Guangdong, a large area was submerged in water. Some places flooded up to the third floor.

More than 100 teachers and students were stranded without food among many people in distress.

Upstream News reported that they had no water, electricity, or food. The teachers and students can only eat one box of porridge a day.

On the morning of June 23, a netizen in Yingde, Guangdong, posted a notice calling for help on Weibo: “More than 100 teachers and students at Yingxi Middle School have been stranded for days without water or electricity, and many students had nothing to eat. All were waiting for the school’s support. There are some kind people who took a boat to help the children.”

According to reports, Yingxi Middle School has flooded since June 21, and the highest water level has wholly submerged the first floor of the teaching building. The flooding disrupted water, electricity, internet, mobile signal, and traffic.

Journalists verified with the blogger who posted on Weibo. The blogger said the information is accurate and emphasized: “I am in Yingde City, now I really need a boat, and Yingxi Middle School is in dire need of food. Because the spare food does not remain much, now teachers and students can only eat one box of porridge a day.”

To prove the truth of his words, the blogger provided two photos: one photo was taken at Xinghu garden in Yuguan town, showing the community entrance still submerged in water; Another photo was taken at Yingxi Middle School, where help is required at this time, the school gate is still underwater, and the situation is relatively dangerous.

At 10.30 a.m. on June 23, Upstream News contacted Mr. Li from the stranded Yingxi Middle School. He said the condition described on Weibo did exist: “Our school is still flooded, and the teacher’s dormitory where I live is relatively low and the water is about 1.8m deep so we cannot move around. We thought the flood would recede soon, so we did not call for outside help. From 10 p.m. last night to 10 a.m. this morning, the water only receded about 1 meter, so we could not help but ask for help, everyone in the school is currently starving, and there is no cell phone signal in some areas.”

“Our area is having trouble communicating. It could be because the cell phone base station is broken and the mobile phone has no cell signal. My cell phone has a telecommunications network, so I was able to communicate with the outside world. We contacted one of the local rescue services about the situation and they asked me to fill out a form.”

Besides teachers and students at the school, Mr. Li’s daughter is also in an emergency, so he is even more worried: “My daughter went to the doctor because she had tonsillitis before, the hospital asked her to be hospitalized. I thought the hospital and school were very close, so I intended to go home, but unexpectedly there was a flood yesterday afternoon, now we are stuck in the dormitory, and my daughter’s condition is getting worse. We don’t have anti-inflammatory medicine at home so we can only rely on antipyretics. Yesterday morning my school’s task force tried to contact the boat crew, but the boat has not arrived yet, I hope they arrive as soon as possible for us to be rescued.”

By the afternoon of June 23, the Qingyuan Daily News reported, “Teachers and students trapped in Yingxi junior high schools were safe and their food was assured.”

Huang Zhihui, principal of Yingxi Middle School, told the news agency’s reporter that Yuguang was affected by continuous heavy rains and floods upstream. As a result, Yingxi High School was completely flooded on June 21, and the highest water level reached the top of the first floor of the teaching building. Network, cellular signal, and traffic were all disrupted. The principal said, to ensure food for the teachers and students who were stranded, with the support of the local authorities, water and food were purchased from the Yingde urban area and transported to the school. 

Teacher Li’s daughter was taken to the hospital by the authorities at around 11:40 a.m. on June 23. All teachers and students are now safe.

Is a flood to the third floor just due to a natural disaster?

Sound of Hope reported that a large area of ​​Yingde City, Guangdong, was submerged in flood water on June 24. In some places, the water reached the third floor. On June 23, Zhong, a resident of Yingde city, told Sound Of Hope reporter, “We are currently fighting floods, and almost a floor is flooded. It is now the third day.”

The outlet also quoted Chen, a Yangshan district, Yingde city resident, as saying that his shop flooded to about 6 feet deep, and the authorities did not notify people before releasing the flood.

Chen said that the area had been flooded for two or three days, but they had not received any assistance from the authorities.

He added, “We can say that we are making an emergency. Currently, there is a power and water shortage. We are helpless against such a government. You tell me to trust the government? Now the whole Yangshan is like a landfill. Sanitation workers cannot enter..Many places do not have electricity or water. Supermarkets, shops, all of them are flooded.”

On June 24, Sound of Hope reported that the dam wall in Yingde City, which was deeply affected by floods, suddenly broke, causing houses to be swept away.

The whole city has been flooded for more than a week. The flood has not receded, and the people have not been rescued. Many people cry. Since 1994, Yingde has flooded yearly, but the people have never received compensation or assistance from the regime.

According to Chinese state media, on June 23, in Yingde, after the floodwaters drained, silt and garbage piled up in the streets. Since June 18, this city and the upstream areas in Guangdong Province have experienced prolonged and continuous rainfall, resulting in significant disasters in many parts of the city. Many merchants and people could not move goods and furniture in time, resulting in heavy financial losses.

The official state media said it was a one-in-100-year flood, setting a historical record.

Netizens recorded a video revealing that on June 24, the embankment in Tongliao village in Yingde suddenly broke, and floodwater rose to the second floor. Many houses were completely submerged, and others only had corrugated iron roofs above the water. Since the flood happened, people have received no support, although water and food have been cut off. Some people have had nothing to eat for a few days, and no one has helped them with the preparations. Many videos show water rising 3-4 meters high. The first floor is submerged in water.

Sound of Hope has posted photos showing some highland towns’ shocking and tragic appearance after the flood drained.

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