Jared T Nelson is an expat lawyer and the CEO of Pathway Compliance. He is spending his days in lockdown in Shanghai. Nelson often shares his miserable living situation, including the starvation of left-behind pets.

In a Tweet on May 16, Nelson’s 56th day in lockdown, he described the life in Shanghai:

“The silence remains eerie – there’s an unnatural feeling in knowing that you live in a city of 25+ million people, but the only sound you can hear is one single truck rumbling, probably five miles away.”

In other tweets on the same day, he talked about dogs and cats in Shanghai that go hungry and scream every night after they are left unattended.

On May 17, he wrote that he didn’t hear from cats and dogs at night anymore. He supposed that someone had left those starving animals something to eat.

The draconian lockdown has made not only Shanghai residents, but also their pets suffer. As their owners leave for quarantine camps, many pets are left unattended at home. Some were found shaking from starvation, and others were found dead on the road.

A resident surnamed Tan told the Washington Post that he felt depressed seeing those animals starved to death.

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