Recently, many places in Guangxi, China, have been inundated with floods. Many bridges have been destroyed, and roads have become impassable. In several areas, flood levels have risen above danger levels, leaving not only humans, but also animals at risk.

Rongshui County, Liuzhou City, heavy downpour caused two deaths

According to Xiaoxiang Morning News, heavy rain occurred in different parts of Guangxi, and Rongshui county received 387.9 mm, which is extremely heavy rainfall.

In Rongshui County, on June 18, floods washed away five wooden houses.

According to The Paper, one girl was rescued at the scene; however, two people drowned, and five were missing. As of 13:08 on June 18, 3 out of 5 missing people have been found, two people died, and one of the rescued was seriously injured.

Wuzhou’s early-warning water level exceeded 27 meters

Wuzhou in eastern Guangxi has also issued a severe flood warning from June 17-to 21. Guangxi will see heavy to very heavy rain in many places, and water levels in Wuzhou are expected to exceed 27 meters.

Xin Tang Ren posted a video (0:38) of a flash flood occurring in Wuzhou City on the 17th. Floods surrounded the city, and highways were swept away.

Ms. Li, a citizen of Wuzhou, told Xin Tang Ren on the 18th that she was told that the most significant flood of the century would happen in the area.

Ms. Li said: “I’m in Wuzhou now. Residents near the flood-resistant embankment have been evacuated, and their belongings have been moved. It’s been raining for a few days now, the water upstream will also rise. When the rivers come in and converge and flow together, the water will rise towards us; when the embankment rises, the water will also rise.”

Yangshuo District, Guilin City Evacuate Schools

The video (1:12) shows a flood that has surrounded the city of Yangshuo County, Guilin City.

Mr. Wang, a resident of Jinbao village, Yangshuo district, told Xin Tang Ren that a large flood swept through the area, roads were destroyed, and bridges were broken.

Mr. Wang said: “Our town of Jinbao is now flooded. After 12 hours yesterday, the situation was even more serious. Heavy rainfall and flash floods broke out in some places where children are located. The wooden plank road was inaccessible and submerged. Our town of Jinbao was flooded, and the market place where we were was flooded with nearly 1 meter of water. After one or two o’clock yesterday afternoon, elementary school was evacuated.”

The Li River in Guilin changes color, and the whole city is flooded

According to Sound Of Hope, continuous heavy rains caused the water levels of rivers such as the Lijiang River in Guilin to rise on the 17th. Natural disasters have occurred in some coastal areas, causing floods.

A video shows that on June 17, the river overflowed its banks and poured into the town. The entire city of Guilin was flooded with water colored a deep yellow.

Streets turned into rivers, cars were swept under, electric poles were rammed by cars and floated down the river. Many wooden houses were flooded to the point that only the roof was visible above the water.

Authorities upgrade warning

From 10 pm on the 17th, the emergency response to the flood disaster in Guangxi has been upgraded to the second level.

Chinese National emergency broadcaster 国家应急广播>头条新闻 said that from June 19 to June 21, in the South, rain was expected to occur on a large scale.

According to Xin Tang Ren, currently the water levels of dozens of rivers in Guangxi are above warning levels. The water level of the upper Xiangjiang River, the lower Liujiang River, the Luoqing River, the Mengjiang River and the middle and lower Guijiang River will continue to rise by 1 to 3 meters.

In addition to Guangxi, many provinces such as Hunan and Guangdong were also devastated by floods.

Since June, continuous heavy rains have led to severe flooding in parts of Guangxi. According to the report, 2.349 million people in 110 countries in 14 cities were affected. 145,000 people are urgently displaced and 307,000 people need emergency living assistance. More than 2,700 houses collapsed and 10,600 houses were damaged to varying degrees.

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