Zhengzhou, Hunan authorities are tightening their COVID control policy. While there were only nine new local confirmed cases on October 20 in Zhengzhou, as reported by Henan officials.

Mainland social networks have spread many unbelievable videos about epidemic prevention methods in Zhengzhou.

Zhengzhou resident Yan told The Sound of Hope, “Now the entire Zhengzhou is a control area, and now it has been closed. All (people) must be quarantined at home.”

Netizens revealed that the Zhengzhou authority announced that the city would be silent for three days starting at 8 p.m. on October 19. No one is allowed to step out of their house. All staff on duty are not allowed to go home; officers of the Procuracy and Justice are to eat and drink in their cars. All medical staff must stay at the hospital, and hospitals are not allowed to admit patients unless their lives are in danger.

Information shared by netizens in Zhengzhou shows that many conference centers are used as isolation points. For example, the netizen who shared the video explained that many people share the bathroom, and the toilet makes it unspeakably dirty.

Inside Zhengzhou University, students disclosed that they were asked to clean the entire dormitory block to prepare it as a quarantine point. Meanwhile, these students had to sleep on sheets in the library.

Outside residential communities, officials nailed metal spikes to prevent people from escaping. People say they are kept in cages, and the animals are treated better than humans.

Video’s sub: “Let’s take a look at it, everyone, this is just for sealing.”

Another video shows a close-up of people isolated in outdoor plastic cages.

Things beyond human imagination have become evident in the mainland.

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