Under the pressure of CCP senior officials, the extreme epidemic prevention and control work/execution has escalated again, the strange epidemic prevention and control phenomena have continuously appeared, and the people’s dissatisfaction has grown stronger. On May 7, a fierce clash between the police and the people occurred in Shanghai.

The Standing Committee of the General Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China met on May 5. According to DW (Deutsche Welle), Xi Jinping emphasized in his speech: [quote] “Our prevention and control policy is determined by the nature and purpose of the party. Our prevention and control policies can stand the test of history, and our prevention and control measures are scientific and effective.” [unquote] He said that if China has won the battle to defend Wuhan, it will also be able to win the fight to defend Shanghai.

On May 6, the Shanghai government held a conference and “Resolutely won in the Congress of Mobilizing and Fighting to Defend Shanghai.” According to China’s official newspaper, The Paper, the current Party Committee Secretary of Shanghai Li Qiang asked officials at all levels to [quote] “issue orders to send troops at all levels,” [unquote] and those who neglect to do their duty should be held accountable. At the same time, he also mentioned the need to [quote] “carry out / conduct the people’s war well.” [unquote]

On May 7, the Twitter account @remonwangxt posted a video showing a man being surrounded and suppressed by several policemen wearing protective clothing. The man’s entire body was tied with duct tape like an Egyptian mummy; the whole body was left with only the head that could move freely. In another video, the stairs of an apartment building are stuffed with coils of barbed wire, leaving no room for people to enter, leaving residents worried about what to do in the event of a fire.

Sound of Hope quoted people’s words in the video comments: “North Korea hasn’t even come to this extent”; “This is like intentional murder,” some even said bluntly, “such action is no different from the fascists from the past.”

Under such circumstances, some people who could not stand it began to protest. On the evening of May 7, there was a clash between the police and the people in Jinsheng Community, Zhuanqiao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai.

According to a video filmed by locals, residents of the Jinsheng residence in Shanghai demanded food supplies from the authorities. Local young people took the lead in scuffles with police.

Then, the police took a young man downstairs and beat him. His family members ran down to the rescue, so they clashed with the police; some locals saw this and ran over to help, so the police were forced to leave.

After a while, dozens of police officers came to the scene to continue their assault. Angry locals continued to protest.

In the high-end residential area of Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai, the public security did not show any valid documents and forced people to be isolated / into quarantine in the middle of the night. The scene was horrifying.

The video shows police forcibly taking a man away into quarantine, like a criminal.

He said: “I am not positive (for Covid).”

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