According to VOA, former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that Beijing may not use the full-scale military to annex Taiwan. However, to achieve its goal, it could take other coercive actions. 

Specifically, Gates said, China can put tremendous pressure on Taiwan without having to open fire through cyber attacks and economic measures. And accordingly, Taiwan will eventually have to surrender.

According to some congressmen, the U.S. and Taiwan must do some work to contain China.

Senator Rick Scott said that Taiwan has two things to do, one is to build its defense system, and the other is to make many relationships in the world, including with the U.S.

Senator Tim Kaine thinks the U.S. can form a global coalition to protect democracies.

Senator Tom Cotton said that he believes the U.S. will fully support Ukraine’s ongoing war with Russia to protect Ukraine and send a clear message to Beijing that if they take Taiwan, they will fail.

Cotton added that the U.S. must replace “strategic ambiguity” with “strategic clarity” over Taiwan. That is, Washington needs to clarify that the U.S. will fight to defend Taiwan, and if China invades the island, it will lose.

Cotton also said that despite the tension and danger in the Taiwan Strait, the good news is that China’s regime still has many weaknesses.

Cotton pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party must rely on the outside world to feed the Chinese people above the bare minimum. Their army is large but untested, and it can be affected by authoritarianism and corruption like the Russian army.

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