CNN reported that David Culver, Correspondent in China, recently left Shanghai to share the one-way trip. He said it was a relief to get on the plane, but he felt “a bit of survivor’s guilt.”

The CNN website published an article and photos of David Culver yesterday. He was sharing his journey of overcoming many obstacles and leaving with a pet dog after over 50 days of high-pressure lockdown in Shanghai.

In the video report, David showed scenes of resistance and conflict under the high-pressure lockdown. He said that this chaos, despairs, and conflicts seemed to be really distant by the time he left China.

David confirmed the strictness of the lockdown measures with Anderson Cooper on the CNN show. He said that one person diagnosed would result in an entire apartment being forcibly taken to an isolation center.

In addition, David met some foreigners at the airport. They have been living in China for 5 to 10 years. They confirmed with David that it was time to leave China.
David wrote in his article that once foreigners stepped out of the gate, they wouldn’t come back.

At the end of the article, David said almost all passengers on the same plane are grateful for leaving China, and everyone has an “escape story”.

David had a conversation with two flight attendants. One of them said, [quote]You all have had a long few weeks, why don’t you get some rest. We’ll have you home soon.

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