The Langzhong emergency epidemic committee, Sichuan province, announced on May 27 that local people should voluntarily pay for their nucleic acid test fees. The tests are obligatory and cost 3.5 yuan per person each time. In addition, the committee announced that after May 31, the general public was required to have nucleic acid tests every week in convenient self-paid acid nucleic testing sites, according to NetEase of China.

Testing is required to return to “normalized” conditions, and citizens must take nucleic acid tests on a large scale with high frequency. It is considered an essential step for the early detection of epidemic diseases. 

Anyone who does not have their nucleic acid tests as required and causes the pandemic’s spreading will take responsibility according to the law.

Even when the COVID-19 pandemic had not broken out in localities, provinces and cities of China switched to normalizing the large-scale nucleic acid testing, causing concerns about economic losses.

According to the New York Times’ Chinese version, 99 million people in Henan will be required to test every day up to June. In Zhejiang province, drivers are tested at highway exits before entering the province. Like other cities, Beijing, where there was the beginning of a small pandemic outbreak, requires acid nucleic to enter subways or any public places.

According to CNA, Hefei and Anhui provinces have required all their people to have a nucleic acid test every five days, while Henan requires it every 48 hours. In Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 10 thousand acid nucleic testing sites are operating.

The “COVID elimination” strategy has the potential to increase economic pressures. As a result, people, who object to the regime’s strict embargo, become even angrier. Even so, state officials persist with it. In recent weeks, this strategy has appeared multiple times in official announcements and state-owned media.

At the beginning of May, Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chunlan said that nucleic acid testing sites should be established in big cities within 15-minute walking distance for all citizens.

The Langzhong emergency epidemic committee also announced that, after May 31, the general public must pay for weekly normalized acid nucleic tests in convenient acid nucleic sites that were proclaimed. Furthermore, every party member and city official must take the lead in “self-paying” for normalized weekly nucleic acid tests.

After the news was announced, Langzhong city’s measures faced a formidable attack from netizens. NTDTV channel published some comments from Chinese netizens as follows:

  • Langzhong city has a population of 623,000 people, and the total cost of nucleic acid testing is 8,722 million yuan per month, 100 million yuan per year;
  • Normalized testing basically can be understood as nucleic acid tax;
  • Acid nucleic is the same as eating, drinking, sleeping, and excretion. It is an essential need and can be indispensable in human lives. Obviously, nucleic acid costs are like other necessary things (needed to pay for) every day;
  • Today they let us have nucleic acid tests; tomorrow, they will let us go outside to work without returning to our residential areas. The day after may force us to close the doors, then break the doors, forcing us to disinfect. Their aggressiveness is due to the unconditional concession of victims at the beginning;
  • The self-paying for nucleic acid testing in Langzhong is just the beginning. It will spread to every area of big provinces;
  • Considering pandemic prevention is the key leading to the economic crisis and financial stresses, there will be a lot of more terrible things ahead;
  • Even though 3.5 RMB/yuan per time is not expensive, a family with a few people has to pay (3.5 RMB/yuan) each week. A four-person family is 14 RMB/yuan per week, 56 RMB/yuan per month, and 672 RMB/yuan per year.

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