August 4 is the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day or the Qixi Festival. A shopping mall in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, held an event. A diamond ring was hidden in a balloon, causing thousands of people to scramble for the piece of jewelry.

An online video showed a dangerous scene in a shopping mall in Xiangyang. A large number of pink balloons were scattered from a height, and thousands of people gathered below the area to wait for the balloons to fall, and came forward to catch them.

Witnesses said everyone was scrambling to grab a balloon, and many people, including children in the crowd, were squeezed to the ground, screaming and crying. The scene looked very chaotic.

The footage showed that many children were also in the crowd to grab the balloons, and a little girl was squeezed and ended up crying.

To celebrate Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, many shops hold various activities for holiday promotions, but Internet users have unanimously criticized the type of activity where thousands of people gather, such as the looting diamond rings event organized by the Xiangyang shopping mall:

[quote] “Does this kind of activity need to be reported? What if there is a stampede accident?” “Is this mall really not afraid of a stampede?” “How can I say it? I’m glad there was no accident with this crowd flow.” “How can adults take children to such an event?! It’s irresponsible.” [end quote]

Some netizens bluntly said that this kind of activity ended up being misleading advertising and that there was no diamond ring at all. Finally, the nursery station claimed that they had found it.

Another netizen said this reminded him of a few years ago’s stampede accident on the Bund in Shanghai

The Shanghai Bund Stampede Accident occurred on the evening of December 31, 2014. During a light show at the Bund Chen Yi Square in Huangpu District, Shanghai, a serious stampede accident occurred. Officially, 36 people were killed, and 49 were injured in the accident, 13 of whom ended up in serious conditions.

According to the mainland media, witnesses at the scene said that from a third-floor window of the McGary Bank building, opposite the accident scene, someone threw vouchers that looked like U.S. dollar bills. The crowd rioted, resulting in a stampede tragedy.

But CCP officials deny the claim, saying the stampede was caused by insufficient preventive preparations, poor on-site management, and improper handling.

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