Recently, on an online shopping platform in mainland China, a merchant selling a 5-hole power socket for about $78 or 528 yuan has attracted police attention. The reason is that the price of an ordinary socket is less than $2 or 10 yuan, while the price of this socket is nearly 60 times higher, some people are still willing to buy it.

According to NetEase, the police in Hongshan District, Wuhan city, discovered that there is indeed a mystery hidden inside this electrical socket—a camera lens that is as small as a grain of rice.

On August 8, police detained a gentleman surname Gui, 41, on suspicion of manufacturing and selling special equipment for eavesdropping and copying images. Gui said that a buyer previously asked if there was any secret filming equipment, because the profit was not small, and he said yes. So he used his acquired knowledge of TV repair and electrical circuit maintenance to install a hidden camera device in a normal socket and charger, making the original socket price increase nearly 60 times from less than 10 yuan. After selling the first “recording secret” power socket, Gui had tasted sweetness, so he listed the power socket for 528 yuan on an online platform to make a profit.

The news sparked heated debates among mainland netizens, with some exclaiming: This is scary; public and private secrets are being stolen. Other netizens said: “There’s nothing to worry about, aren’t we living under surveillance every day? It’s just an imitation.”

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