Sound of Hope, on August 14th, reported that a user of the mainland website “Today’s Toutiao” recently wrote: “I heard from a friend of a friend that he has been in the funeral industry for four or five years. In the first two or three years, there were only a few months of peak season each year. This year, they are so busy from February to the present that they can’t take three or four days of annual leave.”

The funeral industry is so hot.

Unfortunately, the public recruitment information of funeral parlors all over the country corroborates the statement that “the funeral industry is on fire.”

This year, while there were massive layoffs in popular industries such as education and the internet, there were many job advertisements in the funeral industry.

The funeral and interment institutions affiliated with the Tianjin Civil Affairs Bureau recruited 50 people for three funeral homes in Tianjin.

The Shenzhen Funeral Service Center recruited 74 people, including corpse porters and mortuary administrators.

Shanghai Jinshan Funeral Home recruited 10 people.

As other industries are in the doldrums, it’s not easy to apply for a funeral home job these days. For instance, in the Lujiang County, Anhui Province funeral home, 81 people vied for a staff position in the lobby, and 42 people competed for an accounting position.

In addition, on the internet, in 2021 and 2022, many funeral homes are purchasing cremation furnaces. Unfortunately, this purchase means that the number of deaths is increasing sharply.”

If people working in funerals parlors are busier than last year, it also means that the number of deaths this year is likely to exceed last year’s total.

According to an article by commentator Zhou Xiaohui on Da Ji Yuan, the most likely reasons for the sharp increase in deaths is coronavirus infection and forced virus vaccination.

George Calhoun is director of the quantitative finance program at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. He cited the Economist’s model in a January article published by Forbes. According to the model, the report says the CCP has been misreporting the death rate from the CCP virus epidemic since at least April 2020. 

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