A state media commentary said China faces “staggering” food loss and waste during a bleak growth in yields.

On Thursday, July 28, in the official Economic Daily newspaper, China got just a 1 percent rise in this summer’s wheat harvest from last year’s record-high level.

According to the commentary, this slight rise shows that it is increasingly difficult for China to increase grain production. The author also claimed that reducing grain loss and waste is one way to raise grain output.

Meanwhile, Xi Jinping calls for a “clean plate campaign” amid China battling floods and pandemic-induced supply problems. State media said that about 200 billion yuan (29.6 billion dollars) worth of food goes to waste on Chinese tables every year.

According to the official measure published two years ago, China lost more than 35 million tonnes of grain annually during storage, shipping, and processing.

The Economic Daily article warned, “The loss and waste in grain production, purchasing, storing, processing, and consumption are still astonishing.” The report also mentions the challenges presented by the nation’s limited supply of arable land and water.

The Economic Daily column urged officials to use the legislation to compel society to practice grain conservation.

Overlapping factors, such as the pandemic, extreme weather, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, created a perfect storm in the world’s agricultural and food markets.


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