The Tweet ‘Impress all mankind’ makes people mock

“Lies have short legs,” says the proverb. It seems that some have not ever heard of it. A video posted on June 28 soon became viral—with more than 50K views— and has caused many netizens to discuss it enthusiastically. 

At first glance, the tweet “Impress all mankind” shows a scene in the middle of the rain. A man is hurrying to put fruit boxes on the tricycle, and two policemen in full uniform are helping him. They look very caring and kind. 

However, when the cameraman turns to another angle, it is revealed that the whole scene is a trick. A third policeman is throwing artificial rain from a tanker truck. 

This has caused netizens to react with sarcasm. User Xiying Zhang ironically said, “Time to upgrade, right?—Dare to move all of humanity!”. User Billy claimed, “It’s a waste of water.” Another said the scene was shameful. 

Chinese police using violence against people

A Twitter video posted on June 28, including multiple footages, shows Chinese police using force like thugs against people. Officers can punch, kick, or slap people in the police station as well as in the street. They may even attack a defenseless woman already lying on a sofa, despite her screams. 

Jam, who shared the video, asked, “Where are the triads? Fight the Triads with the Triads? Impossible. Can the whole society not be in darkness if you use the Triads to rule the country?”

This reflects people’s mistrust of police forces. 

Shanghai: A bus plunged into the river, no casualties

On June 28, a bus from Huinan Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, broke the barrier and rushed into the river. No other passengers were on the bus except the driver when the incident occurred. The vehicle slid into the river after running over two electric bicycles. Two cyclists were transported to the hospital unharmed. According to a passenger who got off at the previous stop, the driver said he felt unwell and asked him to get off. Afterward, the passenger saw the vehicle slide forward and fall into the river. The accident is under investigation (video).

Despite government figures, people still suffer extreme poverty in rural areas

Based on the information on the Chinese government website, by 2021, after the reform and opening up, 770 million poor people in China’s rural areas were lifted from poverty according to the current poverty standard. Considering the World Bank’s international poverty standard, this accounts for more than 70% of people raised out of poverty worldwide. 

However, a video shows that life for highland children is still difficult. Two orphaned siblings live in a simple house. The clothes are old, but when asked by charities, the girl only hopes to get a coat for her brother. When asked about food, the girl said the rice pot was two days old, but she could still eat. The two children’s sleeping place was temporary in the cold weather with old pillows and blankets. After receiving the benefactors’ help, the two siblings cried and bowed their heads to express their gratitude.

Users who commented on the video expressed their sadness and felt moved by the end of the story. Another ronically said, “Doesn’t that mean that “common prosperity” has been achieved?”

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